UFO Thursday – Aestlight Shawl

Set the stopwatch, pull out the needles and dust off that unfinished project because  it is UFO Thursday! My STAR SPANGLED UFO project over the next couple weeks is to finish the Aestlight Shawl that has been lingering since May.  Thursdays in this house are all about focusing on UFOs.  I set the stop watch on my iPod and promise myself that I will work only on the selected UFO and work on it for at least TWO hours.  No current projects are allowed on UFO Thursdays unless I have completed those two hours.

  Aestlight on the surface appeared to be a quick knit.  Look at all that garter stitch!  Well, the garter stitch was the quick part but the bird’s eye lace took several attempts before I even got it right.  I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting the lace part.  But, what seems to be taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r is the scalloped border edging bind off!  Today is the day I hope to finish it!

It makes me a little sad that I have a wanderlust eye and so often grow weary of projects before they are finished.  When having dinner with friends recently, I laughingly told them about the many projects on my needles.  My friend looked directly into my eyes and asked, “You do know that you have limited productivity when you knit in that manner.”  I knew, of course, that he was right and it has really given me pause to reflect.  I know that I knit, and knit, and knit and many times feel very unproductive.

For that reason, I have reinstated UFO Thursday’s because I know it will help preserve a little bit of balance in the area of productivity, otherwise my larger endeavors would never get done.   Case in point – Sirdal is lingering and unfinished,  Alcea is lingering and unfinished and now, Rosemarkie joins the line-up…….sigh.  It seems to be the more involved projects that hibernate so maybe I just like seeing fast results.  But today is all about the Aestlight Shawl and those other UFOs will have their day eventually.

Star Spangled UFO runs from July 15th – August 15th

Ravelry Group – One Day a Week for UFOs

4 Comments on “UFO Thursday – Aestlight Shawl

  1. Oh, but I love being a Knittin’ Tart (lots of projects and still a wandering eye ! 🙂 I have at least 3 projects on the needles, but I think it’s a very good and productive idea to do what you are doing, designating a day to work on one particular one. I am going to stick with my 3 projects ; one which is just straight stockinette, for when I want to knit and join DH for a movie and can’t think about it, a second which is Fair Isle ( just because I love Fair Isle and think I deserve to *always* be working on something stranded) and one textured , as in cables or lace or such ( because I really want to learn the art of Fisherman Knitting). I mean , why not? Still UFO Thursday is a GREAT idea !

  2. That shawl is gorgeous – did you finish it?

    Oh suuuuure. If it wasn’t another project that had caught your eye it would have been a book or a friend or something to that had to be done around the house. Some things just don’t have a due date. Thankfully.

  3. It’s a great idea to dedicate a day for UFOs. I know that concentrating on 1 project at a time is more productive but it can become boring. Hope you finish the shawl.

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