Turbo Charged

Finishing up projects often  leaves naked needles lying around my house and we certainlycan’t have that, can we?  Actually, there have been far too many empty needle bags and I’m wondering where all those needles have wandered off to so the moment has come to corral them!  A good movie (Jane Eyre) is in the DVD player, finished socks are soaking in the sink, the little Westie is napping so I think now is a good time to pull out the needle sizer and figure out which needle goes where.

One thing I have discovered this afternoon is that the vast majority of my circular needles are ADDI TURBOS.  They are known for their slick nickel plating and, more importantly, the smooth joins of their cords.  There is nothing more frustrating than having the yarn get stuck on the join as you are knitting and having to pause to get it over the join.  This is the single most important factor that I look for in a circular needle.  When there is a need for speed, I turn to my Addi Turbos because the yarn slides effortlessly over their smooth surfaces!

This German manufacturer also makes bamboo (Addi Natura) and laceweight (Addi Turbo Lace)needles.  The bamboo ones are my favorite for knitting fair isle.  I also like the laceweight but they do leave a ‘brassy metalic’ smell on my hands.  But that sharp point?  Perfect for lace.

I keep my needles in their original bags and they sit in Longaberger basket grouped by needle size.  They are starting to outgrow their basket and I’m toying with the idea of purchasing a couple of Namaste Circular Needle cases.  Sheri (The Loopy Ewe) wrote a post about needle and pattern storage not to long ago which got me thinking about organizing my circulars.

Do you have a favorite circular needle brand?  How do you organize yours?

Update:  15 empty needle bags and the needles are unaccounted for.  I’m not sure that I really want to discover that I have 15 unfiinished projects stuffed away!

10 Comments on “Turbo Charged

  1. I have the Knit Picks and I keep them in the case they came in. I don’t really like the case much since it is hard to zip and pockets are hard to tell if they are open or closed. I do have dreams of trying Signatures one of these days but the frugal part of me says that is crazy.

  2. I have the Knit Picks Options, which I love – the tips are even pointier than the Addis. Currently I keep them in their case, but I recently bought a set of the Hiya Hiya Interchangeable needles. I don’t like the needles as well as the Knit Picks, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the case they came in. I’m considering either buying an additional case (sold separately here), or possibly sewing something similar to use for the Knit Picks needles, and then using the old Knit Picks case for my non-interchangeable circulars.

  3. Wow, fifteen ? Are you sure you haven’t lent out a needle? I do that *all the time*, and now I’m in a forgetful phase in life, so it’s like ~~ things just go missing. Annoying.

    I do love the Addi Turbos best, however, don’t care for paying their prices (which may be more here, I am not sure. Hiya Hiya stainless steel are my next in line. I love, love, love KniPicks nickel plated circulars, but darnit, they aren’t available in all sizes. In fact, as you say, that ‘bad seam’ catching has been an annoyance on a size “0” that I am using now. I wonder if I can trade them out. I was able to ask KnitPicks to replace an overly sharp size “1” needle, (which actually punctured me !!!) , so I will see if they’ll replace this one which catches. I use to love wood, but I just love the slick metal ones now, and am slowly replacing bamboo with stainless steel or metal of some kind. I find that I don’t like beautiful bamboo or wooden needles anymore and that very well may be only characteristic of the fine stranding of sticky Shetland yarns ~ too much friction . But then again, wool and silk are ‘sticky’ too. Perhaps they’d be ideal for something that needs more ‘bite’ on the needle, such as cotton. I will probably end up having different needles in different sizes, for every type of yarn, having foolishly spent way too much money without foresight, in the end. I keep my circulars in antique cigar boxes, 16” and smaller in one smaller box, and the longer circulars in a larger box. I’m getting so many now, I may have to employ a third cigar box, in a decorative stack, for more specific sizing organizing. When I need a needle, I just pull out he pile and enjoy messing them up , trying to find the one I want with my eye before I get out my needle size gadget (by the way I adore your sheep shaped one !) I don’t even use straights anymore, so my straight needles are hiding away in my cabinet. What a fun comment to write ! : )

  4. Oh, a side thought : I happen to enjoy the ‘antique shop’ look, or ‘cover of Country Living ‘ look, but can not do it for the sake of objects taking up space, for their singular novelty alone. The darling knick-knacks actually must have a job! For instance, my little cigar wooden boxes, and various other jars , both antique and of my mothers, or were gifts, all have something specific in them, such as buttons, needles, gadgets, or whatnot ~~~ nothing is on display just o be on display. So I am not sure what sort of organization system that is called… perhaps the ” Old Attic chic ” system ??? : )

  5. I love my addis! I store mine in a fishing worm bag. Basically, it’s a nylon bag with binder rings in it. Of course, mine overflows! I keep my addi bags filed away, since you need them to return a needle if something goes wrong.

    I also have the bamboo clicks and the regular addi clicks. I didn’t like the lace addi clicks because the needle part was too short.

    I have some old Boye needles that I use occasionally, too. I do like the tips. I very seldom use straight needles any more. Love my circulars!

  6. 15 sets are missing? That does sound worrisome. Do let us know when you find them where they had gotten off to.
    I just bought the Addi bamboo clicks. I like them well enough. It was an upgrade from my Webs interchangeable bamboo set that is wearing out. I use interchangeable sets as my “base” set of needles because I travel so much. I like to be able to bring a lot of options with me. You never know what knitting needs might arise. I have a bag with lots of pockets and a big zipper that holds almost all my needles. It comes along on long trips. When I’m home, the needles in either the cases they came in or in some that I bought are stored in a drawer. I like Addis well enough, but would not call them my favorites. I’d like to try the Knitpicks needles, but they don’t take Paypal. (grrr…) The only needles I truly love are Crystal Palace 8″ dpns–hard enough to be smooth and durable, long enough to fit my long fingers, and just pointy enough. I just wish I could find another set of CP size 1s.

  7. I also caved and bought the KP harmony interchangeables, best decision ever! I have one set of addi’s and I hate the metal smell and don’t find them slick at all.

  8. Addi Turbos are probably my favorite, though my KP Options (nickel) are a close runner-up. I keep my Addis in the original bags, too, and try to keep the empty bag with the project so I can put them back in the bag when it’s done, but I must have hidden projects somewhere because I too have an issue with at least one pair of needles being separated from its bag. I guess one day I need to do a massive stash/project clean and sort everything out!

  9. I love my Addi’s too, if only I’d thought to organize the way you do! Mine are in a similar case, but it closes and all the packaging is long gone.

    I could easily have 15 projects going that I’m unaware of, but OTOH, I sat on the retaining wall in the backyard the other day and. discovered an Addi lace turbo needle in the gorilla hair. Monkey fur. Whatever the gardener calls that stuff on the hill.

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