Bohus Stickning

When I am a more accomplished knitter, I want to do some Bohus Stickning (“Knitting”).  I dream of this.  Something stirs within me when I see a Bohus Sweater and I tell myself, “I am going make one of those someday!”

This beautiful style of knitting provided work for the wives of unemployed Swedish stonecutters and farmers during the depression. A woman named Emma Jacobsson founded a knitting cooperative in 1939 and called it Bohus Knitting.  They started with plain socks and gloves but soon moved on to beautiful sweaters.  She was a brilliant designer.

As you know, I am no stranger to stranded colorwork patterns but the technique employed by the Bohus knitters really intimidates me.  The Fair Isle patterns I have knit only have two colors on each individual row.  Bohus knitting employs a minimun of three to four colors in a single row.  A MINIMUM?  Some designs may contain as many as seven colors on a single row.

Bohus sweaters are also textural in that they often add purl stitches to the stranded row.  Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?  Speaking of purls pearls, here is someone you might recognize in the Bohus sweater that she knit.  Why, is it The Yarn Harlot?  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee?  Yes, it is!

The very accomplished Rainey sisters also knit their own Bohus sweaters, seen here and here.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Patterns for authentic Bohus sweaters can be obtained from Sweden’s Bohuslan Museum.  If I’ve whet your appetite then click their link to go Bohus sightseeing in Sweden.

I guess I will have to finish the Master Knitting course offered by the TKGA before I tackle my own Wild Apples Pullover.  I’m currently re-knitting the swatches for Level One because I procrastinated and a revision was made to the course.  I’ll tell you more about the course on another day.  By the time I pass Level Three I think I will have enough confidence to tackle a Bohus Sweater.

8 Comments on “Bohus Stickning

  1. By the time you pass level 3, you’ll be able to take on anything! I have the blue shimmer Bohus on my “to knit someday” list. I saw one of Joan Schroeder’s in person when she taught at a retreat. They really are extraordinary.

  2. I’ve go the Green Apple yarn tucked away – it is gorgeous – some day! When you’re ready to do yours, maybe we could have a knit along!?

  3. Those Bohus sweaters do look complicated. I am only a basic fair isle knitter & can only managed 2 colors at a time. I would love to take the Master Knitters course too but I am so far…away. Good luck on your course.

  4. You can do a Bohus, I attended a lecture by Sussanna, and we did cuffs. I loved it, I actually have two kits sitting in the closet…oh boy, now I want to cast on, but have knitting clear through Christmas right after, that is what I shall do…

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