Yee Haw Clue Two

The second clue for the WestKnits Mystery Shawl is finished and I’m not sure if I like it yet.  The technique is interesting and I am enjoying the adventure of knitting through a mystery and not knowing what is around the next corner but, this is very…well, ‘contemporary.’

There will be no UFO knitting tomorrow because I will be flying all day to see my firstborn daughter for a long weekend.  I have Girasole in my suitcase to knit on the return flight and I’m trying to decide on a small ‘mindless’ knit for the flight tomorrow.  Unfortunately, because of a certain ‘strike’ that is in progress, my husband won’t be traveling with me.  It looks like he will be working nothing less than 72 hours a week until everything is resolved.  Bummer!

Happy knitting everyone!

3 Comments on “Yee Haw Clue Two

  1. I thought that said you were going to visit your first born grand daughter and almost spit out my tea. I was thinking SHE DIDN’T TELL US!!! hehee

  2. The colours of yours do look lovely. My yarns have not arrived yet so I haven’t even started mine but I don’t think that I will be starting until I see what the finished shawls will look like. Perhaps it’s too contemporary for me also.

    I had to laugh as I thought the same as Kelly when I read you are flying out to see your first born.

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