How to Wind a Center-Pull Ball

Woe is me!  My poor, poor Girasole has met a frog and run off to the frogging pond and I am beside myself with grief.  In my over zealous attempt to keep up with the Camp Loopy Project Three pack, I forged ahead and neglected to count my stitches at the end of each chart.  All was well until I reached the end of the fourth chart and my stitch count was off by 10 stitches.  I frogged back one chart and the stitch count was still incorrect.  I frogged back a second chart and when the stitch count was still off I hinted in her ear that she needed a frog in her life!  She caught the hint.

So here I am, fourteen days into the last Camp Loopy challenge contemplating another 800 yard project.  It is unlikely I will meet the September 15th deadline but I am going to give it a try.  Seraphim is a less complex shawl pattern with lots of stockinette stitches at the beginning which should speed things up a bit.

With a pile of frogged yarn in my lap and a guest in the room where my yarn swift and ball winder are, I opted to make a center-pull ball the old fashioned way.

1.  To wind a center-pull ball, pass one end of the yarn through a tube.  I used an empty toilet paper roll.

How to Wind a Center Pull Ball

2.  Holding one end of the tube, begin wrapping the yarn around the tube in a figure-eight pattern.

3.  Pull the ball off the tube when done winding.  It might not look as pretty as the ones wound on ball winders but it sure will do the trick.

Gotta go knit like the wind!  Wish me luck!

5 Comments on “How to Wind a Center-Pull Ball

  1. Hate it when patterns run off track like that. Surely they should give you some warning earlier.

    Is that how you make a center pull! I’ll have to try that.

  2. Clever!!! I will keep that trick in mind the next time I have to frog a project while on vacation. I hate trying to knit from a tangled mess.

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