Pretty in Pink

Someone is a teensy bit hormonal.

Someone is a little clingy and a little moody.

Someone went into heat at 6.5 months and surprised the Mumster who had intended on having her fixed this month.

Someone is pretty in pink.

The Mum is ready to stop changing diapers.

4 Comments on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Ha! Well, look at it this way — at least you’ll get back into practice and be ready to change diapers like a pro when your little grandbaby arrives!

  2. Perhaps this is a good thing. I feel that the dog should totally mature before being fixed….but then yes, have her spayed when this is over…..but now you know that all of her insides were working well, and her hormones yes were raging…..and don’t let the vet tell you it’s harder to spay them after they have had a heat – rubbish!

    How adorable in pink LOL!

  3. She is a cutie, that is why I have boy dogs, lol…the two rescues were neutered very young, one before 12 weeks and one before 14, Oliver was just a few months older….I think it was too early for the rescues but that is what they do…
    But she does look quite adorable

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