Wee Things

Wee things are on my needles these days. Wooly WORMHEAD has released a new book called BAMBEANIES and in it she stays true to her philosophy that if you are going to wear a hat it needs to stand out in a crowd and be like no other hat. Did you know that she lives in a double decker British bus and travels around Europe in it with her young child and partner?

My niece has picked out four hats from BAMBEANIES for her wee ones. The first one I will tackle is Quynn which is the one the Wooly WORMHEAD group on Ravelry is knitting for October.


My daughter has picked out two patterns for me to knit for her baby. She found out this morning that K++ is a girl!



Now to decide what size to knit. I am thinking 6-12 months since K++ will be six months old next September. What do you guys think? A whole new world of knitting has opened up to me.

5 Comments on “Wee Things

  1. YIPPEE!!! A girl! You are going to have so much fun knitting!
    knit 3 – 6 months as a smallest size but T definitely got the most wear out of things I knit that were 6-12 months.
    These are going to be awfully cute!!!

  2. I think one of each that way there will always be something special around her. I also live in Colorado Greeley. Glad to find another knitting blogger from Colorado.

  3. Yay for a girl! I may be a tad bit biased, but I think girls are much more fun to knit for. Looks like she made some good suggestions for the first projects!

  4. My best advice is to use machine washable yarn for the baby items. The handwash only items will probably be worn once and then put away. New moms these days don’t have the time to handwash and dry.

  5. Hey Rebecca,
    I’d like to knit this sublime pattern for my niece but I can’t seem to find it on Rav…. is it a booklet??

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