In Want of a Pompom

The Aspen leaves are at their peak, Homecoming has come and gone across the USA along with the many elaborate pompoms that accompany it and my Wood Hollow Hat is in want of a pompom of a different kind.

Typically used for a decorative trim at the top of a hat, the end of a cord or on a child’s garment, these small puffy balls are made out of yarn. I have never made one but my purple Wood Hollow Hat is finished and laying in wait of one. I have been told that you can make a pompom by cutting two pieces of cardboard in identical circles the diameter you want your pompom to be. I think I would rather make my pompom using a commercially produced pompom maker. I know I must have one somewhere around here!

The Wood Hollow mittens are also finished and waiting for the temperatures to drop. I enjoyed Kirsten Kapur’s Wood Hollow pattern set and especially enjoyed knitting with this soft yarn, Berroco Ultra Alpaca! I have two skeins left and have found the perfect infinity scarf pattern to match this set.


The first Bambeanies hat, Quynn, is finished for my great-nephew. This was a FUN pattern using a very unique construction technique. I feel like I am on an adventure knitting these ‘bambeanies’ and am learning to think outside of the box. The Quynn in the book was knit with Noro which was gorgeous but since I’m on a quest to bust my stash this will have to do for now. Four more Bambeanies to go!



2 Comments on “In Want of a Pompom

  1. You have never made a pompom??? Sayyy what?? We used to make them all the time as kids with the two pieces of cardboard.

  2. TWo pieces of cardboard are the way to g. Check y Rav page I just did a beautiful pompom for a gran nephew’s hat. I had a coffee mug sitting beside, put cardboard on top and traced around(while coffee was still steaming) and cut out then used that disc to make a second. Then I had a smallish pill bottle, of beads, small in height but maybe a slightly larger than quarter diameter and guessed center and cut out the middles of the two discs. Threaded my yarn needle(with two very long strands one of each color), Moved needle to halfway of strands so I was doing 4 at a time, you could probably do even more and started threading the two discs. I think I had to refill needle three times til I was happy, about three times around disc. Pointy scissors cut in between discs, tie through the two discs tightly and if you do not need the discs again, cut carefully through so you can get them off pompom rather than yanking pompom through them. Voila, I sometimes need to trim a few strays but I like it even beter then the plastic form pompom. And that is way more involved than a Bohus…. šŸ™‚

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