Drop Stitch Patterns

Once in a blue moon, stitches will be carefully dropped down to create decorative ladders in a finished piece of knitting. Unlike the disagreeable ladders we often get in-between double point needles when knitting in the round, these intentional ladders are quite lovely.

One such drop stitch pattern is show above in a swatch I was playing around with this afternoon. It was knit over a multiple of ten stitches plus six. I am thinking about using the pattern in something, maybe a scarf?  Or, perhaps a shopping bag of my own design.  As for this swatch, I think it just might find its way into a bubble bath tonight as its dimensions are proper washcloth size.

Have you ever knit using a drop stitch pattern? If you have, can you tell me about it in the comments?  This swatch has inspired me and I am very interested in seeing other patterns that use ladders with intention!

4 Comments on “Drop Stitch Patterns

  1. Rebecca, I have knit a couple of the drop stitch scarf pattern by Christine
    Vogel found on Ravelry and a free pattern in variegated yarns and they
    are lovely and fun to knit.

  2. Sorry, I did not check my message and clearly I should have. I have knitted
    a couple of drop stitch scarves in variegated yarns. They are lovely and
    fun to knit. If you haven’t checked out Ravelry for the pattern, it is a free
    pattern by Christine Vogel. I think there are over 5,000 projects for you to
    look at. Happy knitting!!

  3. I’ve knitted a scarf with that pattern but I frogged it! lol I didn’t like the color repeats. A friend knitted it first and used a variegated yarn that had the most lovely repeats. It was very eye catching and my yarn just wasn’t getting the job done. But it is a very fun knit.

  4. There was a scarf in a very similar stitch pattern (if not the same one) in an issue of Spin Off a couple years ago — it’s great for handspun yarns!

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