Fall 2011 Stashbuster

There is something very special that I want to make for myself. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and wanted to order the yarn immediately. I would have ordered it right then and there but then my self-imposed-goal of knitting through stash until January 2012 flashed through my mind. January seems like a long way off when there is something you are anxious to knit so I’m making a slight rule modification.

My plan is to knit TEN things from my stash and when I have completed those TEN things then I will give myself permission to order the yarn for that special project I want to knit. What special pattern has captured my fancy? TINDER by Jared Flood, in the BT Fall 2011 edition. And, I MUST have it knit in Shelter in the “Wool Socks” color-way!

Is there something special that has caught your fancy that you just can’t justify purchasing right now? Anyone care to join me in this Fall 2011 Stashbuster challenge? I am on my way, come join me! If you follow my lead and write a post every weekend about it then I will include your link on my weekly updates!

  1. Bambeanie QUYNN, the first
  2. Bambeanie QUYNN, the second
  3. Bambeanie QUYNN, the third
  4. Bambeanie QUYNN, the fourth

3 Comments on “Fall 2011 Stashbuster

  1. ohhhh I adore Tinder too!!!
    I may be with you on a stashbuster project I’ll have to have a think first though.

  2. I love that cardigan too, and it will be perfect in the Shelter yarn wont it. Just keep knitting, your nearly halfway through your list!

  3. That’s a lovely cardigan. I have been knitting through my stash too but unfortunately, I have also been buying yarn. I must have more restraint.

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