A Favorite App and One Isidora Complete

Whenever I find a tip that makes knitting a little easier I like to share it here on the blog. I have an app on my iPad that is absolutely amazing and I kid you not! I purchased Knit Companion the first week that I had my iPad and I must confess, it sat there for a couple weeks unused. I knew it was more than just an expensive stitch counter. From the reviews I knew it had many capabilities but I was just a little overwhelmed about diving in until this week when I started on my sixth stashbuster, the Isidora Mittens.

I underexposed the picture so that I could show the iPad screen. On the right of the iPad you will see the paper copy of Isidora that I printed after downloading the pdf file to my computer. On the iPad you will see that same pattern that I downloaded to my iPad but opened up in Knit Companion. The top row shows all the pages of the pattern and is easy to navigate. The middle of the page shows the chart. As I advance the counter the ruler moves on the chart. There is also a vertical ruler that you can move as well. The bottom third of the screen has four individual counters. After I took this picture I added the patten key to big blank square. I absolutely love this! I won’t be going through Sticky Notes at an alarming pace anymore nor loosing my place on a chart when that piece of paper slips off, even after declaring it will stick to anything!

There is much more that the app can do. I know you can make annotations on the pattern and highlight portions of the pattern. Even though this app was not cheap it is well worth its cost to me, gadget girl that I am.


4 Comments on “A Favorite App and One Isidora Complete

  1. I was just playing around with my MIL’s Ipad and knitcompanion was one of the apps I was looking at. Very cool!! Lucky thing you.

  2. Love the mittens & the colors combination looks gorgeous. I have also played around with Knit Companion & in the end decided on Goodreader.

  3. I’m glad to learn about this app. Thanks for posting about it! An iPad is in my near future (I hope!), and I’ll be getting this app for sure! Love your mittens, too!

  4. Oh wow, wow, wow !!! I so want to try a knit program. I don’t have an ipod, but a windows computer, and am otherwise braindead. Knowing you, you have researched well, and chosen wisely, which to purchase. I have no idea however, what the knitters are buying for windows. (do you have any hints I can beg?) But anyway, those mittens are just Too Dear for Words !!! YOu never cease to impress me… from the colors, to the knitted thing, to your finally capturing all together in a very professionally done photograph. Your blog is one of few I enjoy to read everytime a post pops up. 🙂 Just sayin’.

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