A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie

The premiere of Month of Fridays was so successful last week that I looked forward to another all week long.

I was able to knit nine rows through the two movies I watched last week.  It doesn’t sound like much progress but Rosemarkie does look a little longer to me.  I am anxious to see what a month of Fridays will bring to her!

My two movies for this afternoon are selected.  Today I will be watching Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping.

In keeping with the food theme in While You Were Sleeping, I have put a pot roast in the oven.  I have ground some wheat in the mill for Featherlight Rolls and will make them when the movies are over.  Then I will round out the meal with honey-glazed carrots and creamy mashed potatoes.  Do you remember the line from the movie that was repeated several times?  “These mashed potatoes are soooooooo creamy!”  You might recall that Mary was Jack’s little sister who mashed the potatoes for Lucy’s dinner with the Callaghans.  Throughout the meal she was praised for her creamy mashed potatoes.

Speaking of trivia questions, how about answering a few about Sandra Bullock?

  1. In what action movie did Ms. Bullock make her on-screen debut?  (Speed, Hangmen or Demolition Man)
  2. What writer is one of Sandra Bullock’s favorites?  (Ernest Hemingway, Tom Clancy or Dr. Seuss)
  3. Sandra and her father work together on a passion of Sandra’s.  What is it?  (Real estate, Deep-sea fishing or Jujitsu?)
I must go………my movie companions are watching the previews………

4 Comments on “A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie

  1. You and I have the same taste in movies – food too! The photo of the dogs is precious but I didn’t realize you have two companions. Is the bigger one a golden retriever?

    BTW, I love how your Rosemarkie is looking.

  2. I’ve been feeling very uninspired in the rom com department. I’m enjoying seeing your movie selections and can’t wait to see how a month of Fridays does for your project!

  3. I really envy you & your Fridays. I love Sleepless in Seattle & have watched it many, many times. Enjoy your Fridays.

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