Quilting on a Snowy Day

Surprisingly, my UPS Man was able to make his way into our snowy neighborhood this morning to deliver a package.  These delivery men are far braver than I am!  I watched him slip and slide down my driveway as he left leaving me with a box of colorful fabric to make a MixTape Quilt.

Before knitting there was quilting in my life.  I have not quilted in a decade but when I saw this Mixtape Quilt  on Oh Fransson’s blog it made me smile and awakened a love for a bygone hobby in me.  I thought it would be fun to make this quilt and so I am going to give it a try.

The fabric has been pre-washed using cold water on my washing machine’s gentlest setting.  Now the fat quarters are tumble drying on low.

Quilters have mixed opinions about whether or not to wash fabric before use.  I chose to prewash because it helps to prevent uneven shrinkage in the finished quilt.  I’m also a little concerned that there might be bleeding in the finished quilt the very first time it is washed.  However, the fabric that I’m using in this quilt is a higher quality fabric so the likelihood of bleeding or uneven shrinkage is fairly low but I’m not taking any chances!

Off to take these colorful fat quarters out of the dryer and iron them while they are damp, I have a smile on my face………….

4 Comments on “Quilting on a Snowy Day

  1. A smile indeed ! I think that arranging colors for quilt has got to be one of the top ten pleasures in life. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what those FatQuarters will become !!!

    Oh, and I prewash everything I sew, for clothes or quilts. But then again, I can say that boldly, because I am not ‘ A Quilter’. No, I just make one when I feel the urge. 🙂 No rules.

  2. Quilting is on my list! I have fabric washed, pressed & cut — I’m all ready to go, just need to make it a priority!!

  3. Funny, I also quilted a lot before the knitting took over. It has been about 8 years for me and I have been perusing quilting sites on a weekly basis. I was at WEBS two weeks ago and will be there again early December to take a class toward my certification….can’t wait to see the quilt….

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