Yarn Along: Wednesday 2nd November

My nose has been buried in books of another kind this week, non-fiction ones.  I’m still working my way through The Knitting Guild Association’s noncompetitive achievement program.  This week I have been researching unobtrusive increase techniques in ribbing.  I have knit and re-knit the swatches for this first portion that will eventually be submitted and evaluated.  Today I am working on answering written questions pertaining to those swatches.

Here is a stack of my favorite knitting reference books.  As I post this photo I realize that I did not include my collection of Elizabeth Zimmerman books which, of course, should have been included!  My favorite reference in this stack that I feel I could not part with is Vogue Knitting.  Do you have a favorite knitting reference book that you would like to recommend?

Following Ginny and her literary friends today on YARN ALONG.  If you like books you might consider jumping into the thread.

12 Comments on “Yarn Along: Wednesday 2nd November

  1. Thank you for the suggestions on reference knitting books, something which I find lacking in my house. I suppose having a book at the ready would be better than looking it up online. Love the color of the swatches!

  2. I don’t actually have proper knitting reference books – although I have both of the stich ‘n’ bitch books which have good info on the basics. I really should add an EZ book to my collection though – I don’t know how I don’t have one already!

  3. Thanks for sharing the reference books. I tend to check any knitting questions online but it would be nice to have a paper reference so I’m not always logging on to the computer.

    Your swatches look very pretty – even if they’re only swatches. 🙂

  4. Thank you Rebecca for stopping by and commenting so that I could find you! I know I will now visit often. Thanks for all the sock help, I appreciate it more than you know. My very favorite books right now are EZ books, I just adore her.

  5. Oh how exciting! You’re soon to be a Master (although, seriously…they really need to bring that term into the 21st century…may I call you Mistress of Knitting?). One of the women at my favorite yarn shop is doing the same program. Very impressive!

  6. Seven things that make or break is a great little book. I was very lucky to be able to review it for Knitty.com which meant I got to keep it for!

  7. How interesting that you’re going through the Guild program. I like the Barbara Walker treasuries of knitting patterns. There are 4, I believe. I only have one of them, but I’m hoping to acquire more soon.

  8. Hi Mum,
    Thanks for stopping by, now I’ve found you! Appreciate all the reference books, which I don’t have. I have a stack of papers with various techniques and saved You-Tube videos in my favorites. 🙂 A book would be nice, and with your recommendations, I know what to look for the next time I’m at the bookstore.
    Enjoy the snow!

  9. I love my Vogue Knitting. I tend to use Barbara G Walker, Harmony or Nicky Epstein’s books for pattern ideas.

  10. Thank you for your recommendations on reference books. I don’t have any but have read few from the library. I usually go on the internet for information.

  11. congratulations on becoming a master(mistress) knitter! how exciting. i too love vogue knitting, i think its helped more than anything over the years. right now i’m loving ‘super stitches knitting’, it’s a wonderful resource for stitch patterns. it’s been fun to practice trying something new in a swatch size.

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