Fall 2011 Stashbuster

Still trying to knit ten projects from stash with the hope of a reward when I do.  Today I have two more finished projects to add to that stash-busting project list making it a total of seven.

Number 6.  ISIDORA MITTENS.  Completed and blocked with my new mitten blockers.  I read about these blockers by Seven Yaks in Interweave Knits and thought they would be an essential addition to my knitting accessories.  I plan on knitting several pairs of mittens this season.  Blocking is essential when knitting fair isle as it smoothes out the tension.

These SpillyJane mittens fit my hand well except for the thumb which is a little large. I might try knitting it on 20 stitches instead of 24 next go round.  I also like a more tapered fit in the thumb so perhaps starting the decreases sooner would give a better fit.  All said, this is a lovely pattern and I know I will be playing with colors and knitting another pair with the aforementioned modifications.

The mitten blockers worked great and the mittens dried in almost no time at all.  The thumb blocker is separate from the mitten blocker allowing one to use it for multiple mitten styles.  You can check them out here on ETSY.

Number 7.  LICHEN SOCKS, knit with quite possibly my oldest stash yarn.

I think I received this Lisa Souza yarn in a Tea Swap many years ago.  The colorway is ‘Wild Thing’ and, if my memory is correct, it was selected for me because my last name is ‘Wilder’.  The Lichen Socks were the Oct/Nov project in the Knitting Vintage Socks group on Ravelry.  Knitting Vintage Socks is one of many Nancy Bush books that I own, she being one of my favorite designers.

The Lichen Socks may look like a standard ribbed sock but the pattern had a Welsh Heel and a Star Toe of Three Points.  I was skeptical about knitting them and had almost decided to substitute my own favorites when I realized I would be missing out on an opportunity to learn something new if I did.

The Welsh Heel is shaped with decreases along the bottom of the heel.  The fit was nice.  The Star of Three Points was somehow more difficult for me to wrap my mind around.  I guess I was unable to conceptualize it and had to keep referring back to the directions.  If fact, I had to rip back twice!  It was worth the anguish it took to knit it because this is probably the best fitting toe I’ve had on a sock to date!

The best thing about finishing a pair of socks is that you can cast on another pair!  Regardless of whatever else I am knitting, I always have a pair of socks on my needles.  The next pair will be Christmas socks for the hubster with Zauberball Crazy and I am really looking forward to watching these colors change.  Won’t it be fun?

2 Comments on “Fall 2011 Stashbuster

  1. LOVE your mittens!
    I need some mitten blockers – right now I’m using cut up cereal boxes 🙂

  2. You have been busy…I’m looking for good sock patterns at the moment. I’ve been getting ahead with wrist warmers they’re so easy to make I don’t have to think about them but want to start making nice woolly socks for more Christmas stocking fillers. That wool really looks fun to use…happy knitting…

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