Yarn Along – November 8

Following Ginny this morning and her literary friends on a Yarn Along…..

Knitting today will be focused on fininshing an Heirloom Blanket.  This is the first hand-knit item I have made for the little pea-in-the-pod, a soon-to-be-born granddaughter.  This soft blanket will match some co-ordinated outfits to be given to my daughter when I travel to her baby shower next month.

I have knit many baby gifts in my time but this one was accompanied by a feeling of awe and wonder.  A miracle of life inside of my daughter.  My daughter!   As I knit this blanket I think about that little baby who will be wrapped in it and I reflect that her grandmother’s love will encircle her with this blanket.  I pray for her, this wonderful little being who will wrap her fingers around my daughter’s finger just as my daughter once wrapped hers around mine.  Such sweet memories I have and now my daughter will have her own sweet memories, too.

This pattern is named appropriately for it truly is an heirloom.  An heirloom of love passed from a mother (who will soon be a grandmother) to her daughter (who will soon be a mother) to her own sweet babe who will be loved by all.

The rather bizzare tale is continuing to unfold in The Shadow of the Wind.  Next week I hope to give you a review and present a nicely blocked Heirloom Blanket.

16 Comments on “Yarn Along – November 8

  1. Beautiful blanket and I love your enthusiasm of the baby to be 😀 I think it is a perfect blanket for a perfect being.

  2. Not only is the blanket something to be treasured, so is this post! Having one’s daughter become a mom is one of the most wonderful events in life [I think anyway]! I hope once it is wrapped around your little pea pod you will take pictures to show us!

  3. Its perfect in every way! T was given a blanket just like that, same colour and i’m thinking almost same pattern. i’ll have to have a look and see what pattern she used.
    Can’t wait to see your other “pea” knits 🙂

  4. I really love the blanket. My sister is expecting her first baby next Feb and I am thinking that this would be a lovely knit for her. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The Shadow of the Wind…one of the best books ever! Beautiful blanket too.

  6. i agree with tracey, this post is so precious. makes me have tears for the mother, daughter, grandmother bond. you are all so blessed to have each other, and you are a phenomenal knitter. the blanket (and all you make) is just gorgeous.

  7. Sitting here snuggling my 2 week old second son and so exceed for you and your family!

  8. I can’t imagine the anticipation and excitement knitting something for a grandchild… so amazing! Your blanket is beautiful.

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