Quilting on a Cold Monday

in snippets of time here and there.  The wee lass was spayed on Friday and she has been a needy girl.  She whines whenever I leave her sight and likes me to sit right beside her.  When she dozes off I manage to get a strip sewn for Allison’s happy quilt but the pooch is quick to figure out I have left her side and the whining starts again.

We think the pain medication she is on is making her a little on the emotional side.  I hope that is the case and not the fact that she is missing some ovaries.  I would hate for her sweet personality to change.

The colors in the quilt are brighter than I thought they would be.  I’m hoping that when I add the white sashing between the rows it will be toned down some.  Happy colors for a happy daughter who loves children and is surrounded by them every day as she nurses them back to health.

I am enjoying working on this bright and cheerful quilt.  The rows are pieced together and tomorrow I hope to cut the sashes and insert them between the rows if a certain Westie will co-operate.  I won’t be giving her anything for pain tomorrow so hopefully she will feel back to normal again.  Hopefully.

The UPS man is delivering some fabric for the binding and  batting tomorrow.  I would really like to have the whole quilt top ready to be made into a quilt sandwich by the end of the week so I can start hand quilting.  Christmas is quickly approaching and did I mention how cold it is outside?

4 Comments on “Quilting on a Cold Monday

  1. It’s looking great! I love those brown squares with all the coloured hearts!
    Hope the little one feels better soon!

  2. Love how this quilt is working up! All those colors are definitely very happy.

    Give the puppy some extra snuggles for me! I hope she’s feeling back to normal soon.

  3. Wow…I came to your blog to see your “Yarn Along” from Ginny’s, but am amazed by your quilt. I’ve never made one…I really want to try to quilt!

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