Yarn Along – Thanksgiving

Following Ginny and her book buddies today on a Yarn Along.

Our Thanksgiving meal this year will be simple with just a few favorite dishes. It will be a quiet day with only one daughter here, the husband, the wee Westie and the daughter’s golden retriever. No doubt, those two dogs will have enough energy for all of us put together as they bound about and play.

Since there is not much preparation to do ahead of time, the cornbread for the dressing having been already made, I will have a quiet afternoon to knit on the Baby Bootikin. This pattern is a vintage pattern that can be found in Vintage Knits by Nancy Bush. Don’t you think this sock/stocking will look adorable on a chubby little baby leg? I think it pulls up over the knee.

There will be time to smock another row or two on the baby bishop dress. I was thrilled to discover that the smocking came back instinctively to my fingers without having to review the basic techniques. The dress and bootikins need to be finished this weekend so I can begin all those Christmas presents I’ve planned!

On the NOOK I’m reading 1984 by George Orwell. I somehow managed to get through sixteen years of education and twelve years of homeschooling without ever reading this book. It was my misfortune because, so far, this is a great book! It is very well written and has quickly pulled me in. Strangely, some of it is reminding me of the Harry Potter books. So, where were you in 1984? I was pregnant and thinking of babies. It sounds like I haven’t progressed much, I’m still thinking of babies! Ha! Ha!

Ever so often, usually around Thanksgiving, I dust off two favorite books that always remind me of what this celebration of Thanksgiving is all about. Loving history as I do, and knowing how little our children of today know of it, I would like to recommend these books to you. For the adults, why not get back as close as you can to the original source documents and read William Bradford’s journal of that cold first winter in Plymouth. You will be astounded by the character of these early pilgrims. They are a far cry from the stern and joyless depictions of the Puritans that our society has so willingly accepted as true.

And one we read homeschooling through the elementary years is Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey. This is a very old copy with beautiful pen and inks throughout. I know it has been brought back into print. If you choose to read it to your children you will discover many character lessons lying within.

To my fellow Americans –

11 Comments on “Yarn Along – Thanksgiving

  1. Those little booties are beautiful! I’ve knit plenty of baby socks myself, but never ever anything so fancy and sweet.

  2. 1984 is one of my favourite books (I was actually born in 84!) but I don’t think I ever read it at school.

    The baby socks are so cute

  3. I have the same book and we read it every year! In 1984 I too was thinking of babies and getting ready to have one.

    Oh, the Ireland trip is for anyone on the yarn along who wants to come…now I just need to win the lottery! I think it sounds wonderful and I so want to make it come true.

    Have a lovely Thankgiving!

  4. Cute booties, and lovely dress– that blue is beautiful! And thanks for your comment on my blog leading me to your blog.

    I was born in 1984. I should read that book someday, too. I made it through an English Lit program without having/getting to read it, and it’s not been one I’ve picked up on my own in the years since then.

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