Yarn Along on the Last Day of November

Following Ginny this morning and her little bookworms on a Yarn Along ……….

I just have time for a quick post this morning because I must dash out the door for my once-a-week shopping run on the other side of the mountain.  Snow is on its way and will be delivering itself to us over the next three days so I moved my errands up a day.

After hearing so many of you post about The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place and finding myself completely enamored by its cover, I went to the library and checked out my own copy.  It was a wise decision because the other book that I am reading, 1984, is rather grim and heavy although very well written.  On the other end of the spectrum is MaryRose Wood’s book being lighthearted and humorous.  I find myself wanting to write down in my journal her pithy sentences.  She certainly has a clever way with words and I know that, should I  look in the mirror at myself whilst reading it I would see a big toothy grin slathered all over my face.  I also find myself wishing I had munchkins around the house to readsto because it would be a fantastic read-aloud book!

Christmas knitting is well underway and I am enjoying knitting Courtyard for my daughter.  The Madlinetosh Vintage increases the enjoyability factor tenfold.  There are some concerns on the daughter’s part  that these two colors together may look a little bit like LSU’s colors, my alma mater and her rival team.  If she cringes when she opens this on Chrismas morning then in one fell swoop I will claim it as my own.  Lest you think I am a horrible mother, rest assured I will replace it with another Courtyard in yarns of her choosing.  But……….I do believe LSU is on it’s way to win the National Championship and, well, if you narrow your eyes and squint a little the color in this hat that was supposed to be burgundy does have a purple tint to it….

Happy knitting to you all!

7 Comments on “Yarn Along on the Last Day of November

  1. I just looked this book up, there is also the hidden gallery incase you were not already aware of it. I’ve put a hold on the first one at the library as we tend to like the same books.
    Loving courtyard! These were my high school colours!

  2. Incorrigible Children sounds like a lovely happy read, just the tonic that 1984 calls for.

    Incorrigible mother knitting caps, it sounds like. 😉

  3. Thank you for you book suggestions. I can’t wait to get ahold of a copy to read to my girls.

  4. Love that hat. I graduated from ASU, so I would welcome the hat. It is nice working with good yarn, isn’t it

  5. I LOVE that hat, the pattern is really wonderful. I think I’ll have to look up that pattern, hats are my favourite. The book sounds good too, you need a happy fun read in the lead up to Christmas.

  6. I thought of LSU when I saw the hat before reading your post. It is really beautiful and I am a huge tiger fan from New Orleans. Go Tigers!!!!!

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