Fall 2011 Stashbuster

I noticed little snowflakes falling on my blog today and am wondering if this means we are officially into the Winter season.  If we are, then I better get a move on and finish my last two projects for the Fall 2011 Top Ten Stashbusters!  That being said, the more important reason to finish has nothing to do with the change of seasons but has more to do with the reward I get when I bind off that last project!  I’ve changed my mind on what the reward should be and that should not surprise you.

Number 8.  Jane Hat.

This is the second time I have knit this pattern.  Both hats have been knit with Patons Classic Wool yarn and each only used one skein of yarn.  I truly love this hat.  The ear ribbing is doubled so it keeps my ears extra warm.  The size is generous so the fit is great on my large noggin. It is is also deep enough to pull down low over my ears without skimping on top.  Jane is knit on larger needles (size 9) so it is a relatively quick project, mine took only a couple days to knit.  The coral color is cheeful and of course, it is a great STASH BUSTER.

The wig stand makes me smile.  I almost threw it away a few years ago along with its accompanying wig thinking it looked rather tacky.  I’m glad I didn’t because now it brings back memories of my grown daughters when they were first experimenting with make-up.  Their grandmother had given them her wig from the sixties for their dress-up box.  I chuckle even now as I remember some of the times they wore it.  I’m almost certain I know which daughter ‘dolled up’ this wig head because it seems like I have a picture of her somewhere in the same bright blue eye shadow and pink cheeks.  She looked rather clownish then just as this wig stand does this afternoon.  Such memories!

Just two more stashbusters to go until I get to reward myself with a present…..

5 Comments on “Fall 2011 Stashbuster

  1. Love the box, what a great way that would be to wrap up a gift for a knitter. What’s the plan for it?
    Great hat, Jane is a great designer!

  2. Lovely hat. I am also knitting a hat for a friend’s son who is going on a skiing holiday in Canada. It was such a fast knit but my hand hurt from knitting with big needles.

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