Yarn Along – Sock Knitting Master Class

Following Ginny today to see what the bookworms are knitting and reading………..

I received Sock Knitting Master Class from my daughter for Christmas along with some beautiful Signature double point needles in size 2.5. As I looked through the book I found that I wanted to knit every pair of socks in it. Not only are they all interesting designs, but each one offers design tips and a lesson in technique.

Since I am always up for a challenge and cannot resist anything that sounds like I am going to become a master knitter, I’ve decided to take on this book as a personal knitting challenge. So, I’ve decided that I will work my way through the book, knitting each pair of socks, using up some of my stash yarn and replenishing it when I must. It will take me a while and I’m not going to bind myself within a timeframe. I will just knit for pleasure and hopefully learn something along the way.

Of course I will be writing posts about my sock adventure, especially when I learn something new and interesting. The first will be Asymmetrical Cables, a design by Cookie A. I will be knitting these with Pagewood Farms Yukon in a lovely blue solid so that it won’t distract from the flow of the cables.

Because this is a “masters” class I’ve decided to break with tradition and knit a gauge swatch. I never knit gauge swatches for socks, this is a first for me.

I did not get the correct gauge on my brand new Signature size 2 (2.50mm) needles so I will need to go down to my pretty green 2.25mm Signatures. I will use a set of four double-pointed needles, the way most Americans knit socks, and distribute the stitches between three needles using the fourth needle to knit in the round. The extra-sharp points on the Signature needles will make easy work of the traveling cable pattern.

The book came with an accompanying DVD and I’m off to hear what the sock masters have to say this very minute!

6 Comments on “Yarn Along – Sock Knitting Master Class

  1. Hmmm… a sock master at work with a masters class ! I love that you plan on doing them all, then we can see a truly fabulous specimen of each , right here on your blog. Happy New Year Rebecca !

  2. Hi the sock book looks great, just to say when I was taught to knit socks it was said to share between four needles and knit with the fifth. I found it was easier for me. Happy sock knitting

  3. Your sock goal sounds like a very fun goal!! I have socks to make on my horizon this year. Looking forward to seeing all of those socks you create.

  4. Great presents. I will surely follow your sock knitting adventure & learnt more about sock knitting. Have fun.

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