Received with a Big Smile

On Christmas Eve I made my husband stop the movie we were watching just so that I could interject some advice to my loved ones.  You see, instead of paying attention to the movie my eyes were instead roaming around the room wondering if each person there would like  love what I had knit them for Christmas.  Then I remembered the Yarn Harlot’s post written to non-knitters on how they should receive the presents knit for them.   I quickly found post, ordered  requested my husband to halt the movie and read it to them.  They politely smiled and then we resumed watching the movie.  I wasn’t sure if it had sunk in.

Christmas Morning 2011

The Proper Way to Receive a Knitted Gift… the Yarn Harlot advises 

1. They each opened their gifts and immediately said some praiseworthy comment.

2. They each held up the item and smiled broadly.

3.  After admiring their present they each RUBBED IT ON THEIR FACE and then cuddled it against their neck and all said “Mmmmmm”.  My reaction was predictable and just what the Yarn Harlot said it would be – I LOVED it!

Brittany rubbing Wurm on her face.

Allison rubbing Courtyard on her face.

Hubby rubbing his Lichen Rib Socks on his face.

4. Don pronounced his socks the best fitting ones I had ever made him.

5. Brittany said she would place her Wurm Hat in a place of honor continuing to admire it at intervals.

6.  Allison kissed and hugged the knitter, her Memo.

I hope your hand-knit lovelies were received the proper way on Christmas morning.  If they weren’t, well, you just might print the Yarn Harlots advice column off and read it to your family on the night before Christmas!

3 Comments on “Received with a Big Smile

  1. Love it Rebecca! I read her advice and thought it was great. Good
    for your family!

  2. Adorable ! You have indeed captured them with your artistry, and taught them well. Such a lovely family indeed.

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