Sock Knitting Master Class – An Asymmetrical Cuff

I’m making great progress on Cookie A.’s Asymmetrical Cables in the Sock Knitting Master Class AND I am enjoying some beautiful Texas weather as we visit family.  It’s always nice to take a break from our endless Colorado eventhough winter is only just beginning!
I’m pretty busy right now caring for my father-in-law and getting some much needed cleaning done for him but I take the sock with me when we go somewhere in the car and I work on it in the evenings.
This sock has some interesting construction unfolding.  The front cables travels down and across the sock ending up on the opposite side.  The back cable goes straight down the left or right side depending upon which sock it is worked on.  They are asymmetrical you see.  I’m assuming the second sock will be a mirror image of this one.  The traversing action happens every four rows by a timely placed decrease on one side of the second cable and increase worked on the other side of the cable.
Front Traversing Cable
Back Cable down left side of back cuff

The inside of the cable medallions are worked in a garter stitch.  Ann Budd gives the following tip when working them, “If you remember that these center sts are knitted on the rounds that involve cable turns, it will be easy to remember when to knit and when to purl them.”

On Ravelry there seem to be several who have struggled with the pattern and think it was poorly written.  If I could have looked over their shoulder I would have advised them to pay close attention to where the stitch markers are placed.  I haven’t found this to be a difficult pattern but you do need to take care that the increases and decreases are done around one cable only.  The second cable is worked without them.  I believe you would have a disaster on your hands if you missed that one sentence in the pattern.

One of Cookies’ design tips is to place a stitch marker before the last stitch of the round as a reminder that a new round is about to begin.  I’ve always placed mine at the beginning but think I might try her tip on another pair of socks some time.  However, this pair might not be the one to try that on because the second cable marker is critical in this pattern.  What about you?  How do YOU mark round changes when you knit in the round?


3 Comments on “Sock Knitting Master Class – An Asymmetrical Cuff

  1. Your sock is coming along nicely. I have never knitted Cookie A designs as I like toe-up socks. I have to try one of her socks one day. I usually put a marker at the start of the round.

  2. those cables are stunning-
    one of those skills that everyone tells me is easy

    ut I have been afraid to try.

    someday socks with cables will be mine!

  3. What an interesting sock-construction! The cables come out beautifully and I love the blue 🙂

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