Ten on Tuesday

On today’s TEN ON TUESDAY Carole talks about the difference between ‘resolutions’ and ‘specific goals’ and encourages us to make a list of ten things we want to do in 2012.  She says writing them down helps you to achieve them so I have done that.  It was only after the list was made that I realized that I had a mixed bag of both ‘resolutions’ and ‘goals’ so I guess I’m going to have to think about this assignment a little harder.  But, for now, here are my TEN THINGS:

1.  Train my Westie!  Kenzie went to a puppy class when I first got her and graduated at the top of her class. Unfortunately, her master has not been faithful practicing all those things she learned.  When Kenzie  we have them mastered I would like to move to the next class and take it before 2012 is up.

2.   Knit The Sky, a 2012 Lacy SKY Baktus.  I really love this idea and you can read more about it here.  Basically, you look at the sky every day and knit a row on your scarf to match the sky.  I think it would be fun to see how many days it actually snowed or rained.  I’m expecting my Sky Scarf to be mostly blue since that is what our sky in Colorado is – mostly blue.

3.  Learn more about the Pomodoro method of time management and implement it.  I already use a FlyLady timer on my iPad and it helps keep me focused but trying something new may make the daily routines of life a little more fun.

4.  On the cooking front, I would like to try some new recipes in my bread machine, the Zo, even though I know I need to avoid those carbs.  Right now I use it mostly for pizza crust, the best butter rolls on the planet and cinnamon rolls.  It’s tricky using anything other than the ‘dough’ cycle at my elevation but it’s high time I figure out how to do it.

5.  Read at least 4 classics, 2 biographies and a couple how-to books.  I’ve been cruising along reading what others are talking about instead of keeping to the old plan of 100 Books.  I will give this new revised plan a go in 2012 and see how it works.

6.  Quarterly Stash Busters.  The plan:  each quarter I will knit 10 things from stash on hand and after these things are knit allow myself a yarn splurge.  After all, if I deprive myself too much then there might be a late night overindulgence in the many on-line yarn shops around the world.

7.  Finish TKGA Master Knitting Level 1 and get it submitted for evaluation.

8.  Keep a food journal to help me see if my calories are helping me or hurting me.

9.  Use my camera every day and also participate Digital Photography School’s Weekly Challenge. It’s free and will help get me out of the rut of taking pictures of only knitting and Westies!  The MCP Project 12 sounds kind of interesting, too!

10.  Go to my local knitting group every Thursday that, with the help of Ravelry,  I was able to start last month.  I really like these ladies!

13 Comments on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. That is a very ambitious 2012 list! You have some very good ideas. I
    am thinking I will definitely add a couple to my list. What is SnB on

  2. Great list with so many things on which to comment! I didn’t know there is a Fly Lady app – will definitely look into that. I keep thinking about the Master Knitter course. How do you like it so far?

  3. After I read your list, I googled the Pomodoro Technique. I also did not know about the Fly Lady app…I’ve been a Fly Baby for a while now, and still…

    I need all the tools I can get to accomplish some of my Ten Things this year.

    Good Luck with yours!

  4. I’m excited for you, great list ! I would like to do this too… but not sure which blog of mine to do it on. Anyway, I’m smitten over the Pomodoro method. If you recall , you and I once shared our Flylady experience, and you told me all about the Messies’ Manual, but the Pomodoro looks like something actually quite simply refined, nearly sophisticated. I”m going to go investigate on the website… thanks !

  5. Love the idea of Lacy Sky Baktus. How fun! I would love to read some of the classics. I skirted past most of them when I was in school. As an adult that loves to read, I realize I missed out back then.

  6. Great list! #9 did not make it to my list but it is exactly ehatvi would like 2012 to include. Will you shoot me an email so I can reply to your post? Thanks!

  7. Good grief!! 10 things knit every three months is ambitious!! You must be a very fast knitter. Good luck with your goals. I love the photo of your Westie. I had one once and Spoofer was a great dog.

  8. I really enjoyed your list of goals. If I were to do your goal number 2 my baktus would be solid grey for much of the year! Makes me miss my years in Albuquerque!

  9. wow – you’ve got big plans! I love the lacy sky baktus – do you start with a few skeins in different sky-like colors? … and the dog training. my little schnauzer hasn’t had any formal training and while she’s generally very well-behaved, I’d like to take her to senior centers or children’s hospital and she’ll need better manners for that!

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