Yarn Along on a Beautiful Texas Day

My trip is winding down here in Texas with the father-in-law and I finally have a chance to catch my breath.  The two weeks have been busy ones working around his house and there has been little time to read.  Nevertheless, I was able to squeeze four chapters into the schedule of a new book.  I also used a gift card to add three more books to my Nook so I will go ahead and join Ginny on her Yarn Along.

On the needles is the start of a Honey Cowl.  I need to check some pattern notes to find out what this stash yarn is.  So you see, I’m off to a great start on my 2012 knitting resolutions.  This is the second project I have on the needles using stash yarn.  Just before I left to come down here I bagged up five more projects using stash.  All are ready to go – yarn, pattern and needles!


An Impartial Witness by Charles Todd

World War I nurse Bess Crawford, A Duty to the Dead, returns in another new mystery in which a murder draws her inexorably into the sights of a cunning killer

It is the early summer of 1917. Bess Crawford has returned to England from the trenches of France with a convoy of severely wounded men. One of her patients is a young pilot who has been burned beyond recognition, and who clings to life and the photo of his wife that is pinned to his tunic.  I won’t reveal any more to you other than to say I really am enjoying this series!

Bess Crawford reminds me of my two favorite childhood book heroines – Nancy Drew and Cherry Aimes.  Nancy was a girl sleuth and Cherry was every kind of nurse you can possibly imagine.  Of course Bess is a grown up version of these two young heroines.  Throw in some early twentieth century history and I’m smitten.

I’m trying to brace myself for the frigid Colorado temperatures.  One thing I am looking forward to when I get home is taking daily pictures of my Colorado sky and knitting that color into a SKY SHAWL, one day row at a time.

6 Comments on “Yarn Along on a Beautiful Texas Day

  1. Rebecca, you have me interested in this series. Should I read the 1st book and how many books are in this series?

  2. What a fantastic New Year’s resolution to use your stash yarn! Judging by your photo, you’re off to a beautiful start!

  3. You just HAD to show a picture of your ereader! No sympathy for those of us who have recently lost theirs! 🙂 I got a replacement the other day and there’s no stopping me now!

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