Organize Now! Week One

2012  Week One

Spending two weeks with my eighty-six year old father-in-law helping sort through a lifetime of accumulated ‘stuff’ has given me much pause for reflection.  Surprisingly, he had very little trouble letting go of items unlike myself when I sort through things.  I think the process I worked through with him is now one I will apply here back in my home.  What is stopping me from getting rid of the clutter in my house and simplifying things around here?  Why am I hanging on to some of these items?  I have a closet downstairs that  is filled with things I haven’t touched in a decade.  I can’t even remember the last time I opened the door to that closet so why do I keep these things?

I’ve heard it said that if we change our thoughts it can give us a whole new perspective about our life and surroundings.  Clearly, my father-in-law has done that on this last stage of life.  He has taken account of the things he has collected in his lifetime and is letting go of items that either serve no purpose or offer no beauty.  I need to do that in my own life.  I thing the current buzz word for this is to ‘simplify’ and I read many posts about this concept this past week as bloggers posted their resolutions for 2012.

I know for a fact that my surroundings affect my mind.  If things are clean and orderly I feel calm and relaxed whereas clutter and mess make me feel more uptight.  Of course, everyone’s definition of ‘clutter’ is different and we each must discover for ourselves what our own definition is.

These are belated goals for Week One:

  • Get a minimum of seven hours sleep per night.  A must for me because I know that I’m more productive and can bring more quality to tasks when I am rested.
  • Start my day with “The Day’s Dire” on my clipboard and a pomodoro timer.  I will explain this in greater detail next week when I focus on organizing my schedule.
  • Start a journal.  Even if I don’t have time to write in it every day, that’s OK.  My entries may vary from ‘letting it all out’ to simply recording a sentence-long memory of the day.  I’m also going to keep my One Thousand Gifts journal using the newly offered app because:  “Joy’s a function of gratitude.  And gratitude’s a function of perspective.  Counting gifts changes my perspective – & my LIFE.”  
  • Toss some of the television shows I watch and spend that time reading.
  • Make more time for a better prayer life.
  • Schedule time for daily exercise and make sure Kenzie gets her exercise, too!
  • Eliminate energy drainers in my life:  clutter, limit time in unhealthy relationships to make them more positive experiences, use pomodoros on unfinished projects.   Add the 2012 Declutter Calendar to The Day’s Draft – my plan for the day.  
  • Take control of my time.  Set goals and then break them into doable daily To Do’s (pomodoro chunks of time).

6 Comments on “Organize Now! Week One

  1. We are in the same mind set! Moose has been building shelves for me in the basement and we are tidying things up down there. Getting rid of as much as we can and living simply. I seem to go through a *gah stuff* phase every year and its hitting right now. Can’t wait to see what this pomodoro timer is.

  2. Rebecca, congratulation on taking so much time to help your father-in-law declutter. I have also been reading lots and lots about decluttering in the last week (it’s that time of he year0. Good luck with your goals! They sound like good ones.

  3. Thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart, and for your kind comment. It was fun to read your thankful list, and also this post. I identified with your reflections as you have helped your father-in-law de-clutter, as I have done the same as I went through my mother’s things. Have a good year focusing on the goals that God has brought to your mind!

  4. Sounds like you are off to a good start this year. I need to do the same & organise my year too.

  5. Printed a copy of the organization calendar and I’m trying to catch up. Holy Moly! I am tired! I cleaned the tops of my cabinets in the kitchen today and we won’t even begin to discuss how disgusting that was! YUCK!

  6. Please, what is the Day’s Dire and the Day’s draft. I, too, read One Thousand Gifts. It was soo beautifully written!

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