Yarn Along {An Impartial Witness}

My room was awfully dark this morning when I woke up and I thought I had forgotten to reset my clock after a hiccup in our rural electricity.  When I made my way into the family room and looked out to see sun coming up over the Peak I instead saw storm clouds moving towards the house.  By the time I finished my early morning call from nurse daughter on her way home from work the snowflakes were flying.  I had a fleeting thought of building a fire in the fireplace and curling up with An Impartial Witness but duties around the house called, maybe I will build a fire this afternoon when chores are finished.

I have some new books to share with  you this morning as I join Ginny on her YARN ALONG!  Each book is filled with potential and I’m hopeful that all will deliver what I am expecting of them.  Did you notice how I put the responsibility clearly on those books and not myself?  That was tongue-in-cheek because in reality I am hoping to learn something new from each book.

A while back I mentioned that someday I hoped to knit a Green Apple Bohus Sweater when I developed the skills to do so.  One of my Christmas presents was Poems of Color.  This is a beautiful book detailing the history behind Bohus Stickning cottage industry knitting in Sweden.  You might recall that this type of knitting was developed in the 1930s and a sweater with a Bohus Stickning label was synonymous with finely knit and designed garment.

The Blue Shimmer

Bohus Hats

One of my goals this year will be to learn more about this Bohus knitting technique combining not only color but texture by adding  a few purl stitches here and there.  I’ll start small, maybe a hat or pair of gloves.

Another knitting book that I am excited about is Mary Mucklestone’s  200 Fair Isle Motifs.  This book is replete with design potentials when I’m in the mood to create something of my own design.  You know how I love painting with two strands of yarn!

Lately, I’ve been wondering if my Zoe was invented just to mix and rise pizza dough!  My husband love’s homemade pizza and is requesting it at least once a week, if not more.  But, The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook has been added to my collection of cookbooks to help me be a little more creative with the Zoe, my Zojurushi bread machine.  Mind you, no one is complaining around here but it is one of my goals this year to figure out how to make great bread at this crazy altitude.

Honey Cowl in progress

In keeping with another resolution, I am only working on three knit projects right now.  I readily confess that this is HARD for me and I’m doing my best to fight off startitis.  Please, does anyone have a remedy?  It seems like I read somewhere that if you just start a gauge swatch of whatever you are longing to knit then that will suffice to curb the temptation.  Okay…time to confess, I did that last night with the next thing I’m about to show you.

The 2012 Vogue Calendar of stitches has been stirring up my creative juices each day as I tear off the old day and look at the new.  When I saw the Sea Foam pattern my needles were itching to cast on and caved in last night.  I thought it would be a pretty scarf.  The swatch was enough to help me realize I really don’t need to knit this scarf, at least not right now!

4 Comments on “Yarn Along {An Impartial Witness}

  1. Last night I added the same fair isle book to my Amazon cart and can’t wait to get my hands on it!
    I am not doing too well with startis myself, it must be something in the air.
    Enjoy your snow [I am so envious]!

  2. I am so envious that you had snow! Love the socks! I have three projects going and I am NOT casting on any more…..promise.

  3. Reading your post this morning made me smile 🙂 I wish I good at knitting patterns. But, instead, I live in Bohuslän where Bohus stickning comes from, so maybe that makes up for it 🙂
    wishing you good reads and wonderful knitting!

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