Honey Cowl

Just before leaving for Texas I was looking for a quick project. Not only did I want instant gratification but I knew I would be on-the-go a lot and needed something that would be easy to pick up and drop down at a moments notice.   My requirements were: 1) it had to be fairly mindless, 2) had to be quick, and 3) had to use yarn from my stash.

I have had the Madelinetosh Honey Cowl in my queue for quite some time and, although I didn’t have any Madelinetosh DK on hand, I did have some Briar Rose Old Glory left over from a long ago project.  I have no notes on what color this yarn is nor really any details at all on it however,  I do believe it is a DK weight.

Cowls are versatile and I can see why they are the latest fashion trend.  They can be worn loose as an eternity scarf or they can be wrapped double around the neck.  The Honey Cowl pattern was an easy four row slip stitch pattern and easily memorized.  

A simple slip stitch pattern cowl creates a dense waffle-like fabric for warmth and supple drape. This flexible pattern can be worked in four different sizes using just one or two skeins of yarn. The short and longer versions are lovely viewed on both sides.
Knit in light worsted yarn, this cowl is perfect for a bright pop of color and a warm hug around your neck.

One Comment on “Honey Cowl

  1. Lovely cowl & gorgeous colors. I love this pattern & has knitted 4 of them as they are great gifts – easy & quick & lovely.

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