January’s Joy Dare

One Thousand Gifts, my goal for 2012.  Not one thousand hand-knit items mind you, but a dare to live fully right where I am.  I’m trying to snap a photo or record 3 gifts a day and today completes my first week.  Such a simple thing, this opening of the eyes to gratitude  and looking for  three things.  A simple discipline that is already transforming my mind and attitude as I open my eyes and dare to live fully right where I am.  I’m finding myself looking forward to each day to discover what I can find that day, how I can live in the present moment and be thankful for whatever situation I find myself in.

10.  Thankful for lemons.  They are a bright, cheerful color and they cleanse the palate.  Lemons make water more refreshing in the drinking and they make my right eye wink in slow motion making those around me smile!  I love anything lemon flavored.

11.  Thankful for sugar cubes and the ‘kerplunk’ they make in my teacup.  And, I’m very thankful for the Polio Sugar Cube that I ingested in the early sixties preventing polio to develop in my body.

12.  Lemons + sugar + water = lemonade = Just. Right.

13.  Thankful that I did not hit the pipeline and end up in the ditch today when I slid on the ice in the exact same place as last year’s snow accident — God’s merciful protection.

14.  Thankful for bee balm on dry cracked lips — God’s merciful healing.

15.  Thankful for double lines on mountain roads — God’s merciful protection every time I drive.

16.  Thankful for the bright blue Colorado sky and Pike’s Peak standing at 14,000 feet but only 5,000 feet above me.

17.  Thankful for the crunchy snow beneath my feet.

18.  Thankful for cough syrup with codeine in it!

19.  The sound of the heater warming our home when it is very cold outside.  Thank you, Lord for the shelter of our home and the warmth it provides.

20.  The gentle sound of the new washer with the day’s first load.  Thank you , Lord for this new high energy efficient machine and thank you that I am feeling well enough today to tackle the laundry.

21.  The sound of the dishwasher running.  Thank you, Lord that this time-saving invention gives more time to me.

22.  Startling grace – that when I was longing to live in the mountains the Lord not only let me do so, but gave me a log home with a stone fireplace and lots of bookshelves.  Just. for. me.

23.  Startling grace – that when I felt like I deserved the love of no one He saw fit to lead a man of integrity love me with an unwavering love, 28 years now.

24.  Startling grace – that there is always provision, through thick and thin!

“Eucharisteo – grace, joy and thanksgiving – always precedes the miracle.”

9 Comments on “January’s Joy Dare

  1. #22 is my dream! I visited Estes Park as a teen and have wanted to live in CO ever since. I too love Burt’s Bees:) Great list and welcome to the gratitude community!

  2. Funny, your #22…I’ve often thought that I like the sound of my washing machine. It’s a gentle swish, and it was purchased by a loving husband who wanted to make my life easier.

  3. Enjoyed your pictures. Love how you arrange them! Wishing we could see a little snow – just a little. Not much because you know that everything shuts down in the South if it actually accumulates 🙂 Wishing for snow – yet thankful for the sunshine!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your joys. I have downloaded the app on my iPad & started a list. Thanks again for sharing this beautiful experience.

  5. I love your pics! Such a beautiful way to count the gifts. Thank you for your kind words regarding our dear friends. The days following will be tough.

  6. What a great list of things to be thankful for. Even the mundane is there. Nothing like the dishwasher breaking down to remind me how much I take it all for granted!

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