Vancouver Fog

Living an hour away from the closest local yarn shop has always made knitting with others in a group difficult. I’ve tried a couple times because I long for that camaraderie but it is just too far for me. Last month I used Ravelry to locate knitters on this side of Pikes Peak and asked if anyone wanted to meet weekly to sit, knit and drink coffee. Happily, they did! And, not only have we been meeting regularly but have even had a knit along!

One of the ladies picked several free patterns on Ravelry and then we voted, Vancouver Fog won. This little pattern was a fast and satisfying knit. I think my pair only took a couple days. You can knit these with a short or long cuff. I only had one skein of Brooklyntweed Shelter and didn’t know if I could squeeze the long version out but I was able to.

I like the versatility of a fingerless mitt, especially when driving a car, and Vancouver Fog is a great pattern!  There is just enough wool to keep your hand warm yet your fingers are free to have skin-to-steering-wheel access for precision driving. Ha! Ha!

The collective knowledge in this little knitting group is amazing and Ican already see myself being inspired by their projects. I see why knitting groups are so popular. There is always someone who can answer a question you may have. You can also pool your knowledge to figure out something someone doesn’t understand. You learn new ways to do things and you always have a cheering team!

One of the ladies in the group, a knitter for 30+ years, is modifying the Vancouver Fog pattern and making them into mittens. When she is finished she will put the modifications on Ravelry and I just may need to make another pair, this time in the mitten version.

5 Comments on “Vancouver Fog

  1. What a great pair of mitts! Also, so glad to hear you’ve got yourself a knitting group. You are absolutely right about it being a pool of collective knowledge.

  2. Lovely mittens. I have been running 2 knitting groups in the libraries for the past 6 years & enjoy every minute that I spend with them.

  3. Oh great – another pattern I have to add to my ‘to knit’ list! They are really pretty. Everybody is doing a beautiful job.

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