Living Fully Right Where I Am

Continuing to count a multitude of blessings this Monday for a January Joy Dare………….

Three things blue –

36. A favorite blue bear mug that I bought in Estes Park after a week of camping with family and friends many years ago. I’m thankful for the sweet memories this mug brings!

37. Time knitting the second Asymmetrical sock with lovely blue yarn, treasuring every minute because aging fingers won’t always be able to knit cables.

38. This months Tabletalk with a blue cover, thankful for those who have studied and now teach.

Three gifts found in Christ –

39. fresh mercies every day

40. humility

41. a servant’s heart

Three graces –

42. One grace borrowed – time.

I went on a walk with my dog and we sat on the rock that we always sit on. As I listened to the wind gently blowing through the pine trees and felt the sun upon my face on a winter day, it struck me that I live on borrowed time on this earth. I live in my beloved mountains and I enjoy God’s creation all around me and my heart was filled with thankfulness as I pondered this. When I was young I longed to live in the mountains and here I am. I don’t know how long the Lord will allow us to live here but each and every breath is a gift from Him.

43. One grace found – CONTENTMENT.

It has taken a long time to find it but it is here, yes, it is finally here.

44. One grace inherited – my grandmother’s saying, “You just do whatever you need to do.”

She made it through the ups and downs of life by doing the right thing, whatever it took, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable it was for you.

45. A Gift Before 9:00 – seeing my Dad’s vein in my own hand

46. A Gift Before Noon – new friends that share my love of knitting

47. A Gift After Dark – a toe closed with the Kitchener stitch, magical.

48.  A gift than might never have been – my daughter’s life.  Advised not to have a second child, we did not listen and  we almost lost her at six weeks but there was another plan….

49-51.  Three graces I found in friends – a listening ear, encouragement and shared laughter.

52. One grace wrinkled – hubby’s shirts waiting to be ironed, finding joy in serving him.

53. One grace smoothed – five freshly ironed shirts, all nice and free of wrinkles and a heart smoothed from wrinkles as I pray

54. One grace unfolded – the joy unfolded that comes to me as I pray

Dark can give birth to life, suffering can deliver grace, the ugly can be beautiful. God transfigures everything for His glory.

3 Comments on “Living Fully Right Where I Am

  1. After reading your list , I really looked at my hands and find I have my Dad’s vein too. Thank you for helping me notice.
    Have a great day.

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