Yarn Along {I Am Half Sick of Shadows}

Joining Ginny this morning of Small Things and talking about books, sticks and the items on those sticks ……….

A newly started corrugated ribbing sits on top of my favorite knitting book of the moment, Sock Knitting MASTER CLASS.  I finished my first pair of socks from the book, Asymmetrical Cables,  last Friday and learned a few new techniques.  If you want to take a peek at those socks you can find them here.  I’m excited about knitting each and every sock in this book.

Peerie Flooers will be a cheerful adventure, a nice diversion from the seemingly never-ending Jeweled Cowl that I’ve been working on for the past ten days.  You know me, I love color work and look at the fun colors in this Peerie Flooers beanie!  Kate Davies is turning out some cute fair isle designs these days and she has quite the following on Ravelry.

I’m Half Sick of Shadows continues to bring hours of enjoyment to my ears and smiles to my face.  I’m about half-way through it.  Listening to books is wonderful when you have a busy day and need to multi-task but for some reason I often must have a hard copy of whatever book I’m listening to because I just need to hold that book in my hand and read it the old-fashioned way (wink).

7 Comments on “Yarn Along {I Am Half Sick of Shadows}

  1. Love the colors you’re working with. And I’m in total agreement with you on hard copy books. My husband has bought me a Nook and an iPad, yet I still reach for the tangible copy on the book shelf. Actually, my preference is ordering used books from old school libraries. They have that smell of time spent being read by generations of students. Yum. 🙂

  2. Oh Rebecca, judging by the ribbing of your sock that book looks like a treasure!
    Happy Yarn Along!

    PS- Turbo is right, those stitches fly!

  3. That hat is gorgeous! All that colorwork is wonderful. Funny, I just got that Flavia book from the library and it’s waiting for me near my bedside. I loved the author’s first book, began the 2nd right afterwards and realized I needed a break from his style of writing. Returned it to the library, promptly forgot about it and then the author comes out with another 2? or just 1 can remember. Now I’ve got to re-read the 2nd but this is the one that was ready for pick-up.

  4. Love the colors of your beanie. I always admire your colorwork. I love Kate’s designs too but I am so afraid of knitting with so many colors.

  5. I just picked up a copy of this book and I am working on the Asymmetrical Cables myself. This book has fantastic patterns!

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