Smitten with Beads

Beads.  Teensy-weensy Japanese seed beads taking me back to the sixties.  My friends and I used to string them up as necklaces, flower-power necklaces – that really dates me, doesn’t it?

Knitting with beads has never appealed to me so when the Cowl group on Ravelry decided to knit the Jeweled Cowl I wasn’t much interested.  That is, until I saw one of the Rainy sister’s finished cowls and the ‘wow’ factor struck me.  I decided to give it a go and before I knew it I was smitten, smitten with little seed beads and the whole process of knitting them into a cowl.

I think I need another Jeweled Cowl, and another and another…………

2 Comments on “Smitten with Beads

  1. Looks so…..gorgeous & the beads blend it so well. I like using beads on projects as they really add a little jazz to the finished project. This pattern is on my queue & I am waiting for cooler weather to cast on.

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