Joy from Dryness

Joy’s a function of gratitude. And gratitude’s a function of perspective. Counting gifts changes my perspective – & my LIFE.

56. A gift found at 11:30 – frozen pizza dough rising because I always wonder if it will.

57. A gift found at 2:30 – shopping made easier when I have a migraine and can’t think.

58. A gift found at 6:30 – hands held in prayer as the fellowship meal is blessed.

59. Written – the February Joy Dare calendar, because it means I’m continuing this quest.

60. Written – a definition of peerie floors, because it makes this happy hat all the more fun to knit.

61. Written – a heartfelt thank you note that brought the start of healing.

And now comes the dry day in which I found the greatest of joy, the joy that I needed to adjust an attitude. On this day we were to look for three things found when bent down. My immediate response was that this would be a good day to skip, but I forced myself. I forced myself to look for a blessing when I was in this silly bent over position. I forced myself to open my heart and to ask, ‘Show me, Lord.”

62. A gift found when bent down – the bottom of a chair that looked beautiful in the light. This twenty-eight year old chair, this chair that I have longed to get rid of and replace with ‘new’ furniture. This was one of the first pieces of furniture my husband and I bought as newlyweds. Thank you, Lord for helping me to see this as a reminder that you have blessed my marriage for many years now. I see this chair with new eyes now. I see this chair again through the eyes of that young starstruck woman and remember…..

63. A gift found when bent down – the wrought iron stool chairs that I have wanted to replace because they are heavy to move. Bent over, I saw their beauty once again and felt that initial exhilaration of moving to a log home in the mountains.

64. A gift found when bent down – a blue sky peaking through the clouds after a fierce snowstorm.

All three of these gifts produced an overwhelming emotion of gratitude that day which resulted in JOY. I almost missed it! I almost missed it because I wanted to skip the looking that day but much of the joy is found in the seeking.

65. Something stitched – a hymn sampler stitched by daughter Allison. I’m thankful for her gentle nursing hands that minister to many sick children in the hospital.

66. Something woven – the hard anger sampler woven on linen by daughter Jennifer. I’m thankful for the life that is being woven inside her womb and very excited that she will hold her newborn soon, very soon.

67. Something hammered – the bird feeder on my deck that attracts birds of all kinds. I love watching birds.

68. Something outside – thankful for warm snow boots on a cold winter day.

69. Something outside – thankful for my curious snow Westie who would stay out on the deck all day long if I let her.

70. Something outside – thankful for the beautiful pine trees on my property.

My heart is overflowing as I count one thousand blessings in 2012. I’m finding myself going straight to the February Joy Dare calendar first thing in the morning to see what I should be on the look out for that day. This week brought a big surprise to me when I thought the day would be dry of blessings and now I eagerly anticipate more days like that. Such a simple thing, this counting of blessings, but the fruit that comes from the effort is well worth that effort.

Will you dare to join me in this 2012 Joy Dare?  (If you are interested in downloading the free February Joy Calendar it is at the bottom of the linked post)

4 Comments on “Joy from Dryness

  1. I love how you did this…just a beautiful job…the joy in your heart comes through the page and pictures…Blessings as we let counting transform our hearts…

  2. So nice to meet you Rebecca, I see we have a lot in common! Yes the pooch by my feet is Dixie, my grandpuppy, who is preparing to become a big sister to the kids first baby. First for them and 5th grandchild for us, as our oldest has been rather prolific in producing children. So fun. I am so glad to have started knitting a year ago, as I have a lot of hands, feet and heads to keep warm. Are you on Ravelry? I love your list and your photos. Thanks for finding me so I could find you in return and follow your list of beautiful gifts. Thanks for the friendship in Christ.

  3. Thanks again for sharing. I am starting slowly to count my blessings but I don’t think I can join you this year.

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