Joy Dare: Week Six

This was a difficult week for me on my commitment to count one thousand gifts in 2012, a personal Joy Dare.  It was difficult not because there was a shortage of gifts to record for there are always gifts , many gifts, every single day gifts.  And as I continue to look intentionally for three things each day using my February Joy Dare Calendar my eyes are beginning to focus and I can see those things, however small but in reality much greater blessings than I ever saw before.  But I knew this week would be difficult because I knew, come the weekend,   I would have to look squarely in the face of 3 hard eucharisteos.  

It is easy to open the eyes and see the easy blessings, the ones that make us smile, the ones that swell the heart with joy.  It is much more difficult to look at those places that are difficult and hard and produce much pain in our hearts.  It is even more difficult to see them as gifts and respond in gratitude.  It is hard to look those things squarely in the face and find an inkling of good in the circumstance.  But I did, and it was good.

Three Red Gifts:

70.  A red hummingbird feeder against a beautiful blue sky and snow capped mountain.

71.  A favorite red dog toy and time spent teaching my dog to catch her favorite toy.

72.  Little red flowers (peerie flooers) growing from my needles as I listened to 1 Corinthians.


Something broken, something fixed, something thrifted:

73.  My yarn swift, the end chewed by the dog but still, thankfully, in working condition.

74.  Fixed, another yarn swift problem fixed by my engineer daugher so now the arms extend fully.

75.  Thrifted, alphabet stitch markers made instead of purchased.  I really wanted to purchase the Cat Bordhi ones so am thankful I was able to make do.


Gifts that surprised me:

76.  Low clouds moving through the valley between my house and Pikes Peak.  So very thankful for this beautiful view.

77.  Early surprise gift from husband and watching his enthusiasm giving it to me, like a little boy.

And then came the day I was to look for those three hard things in my life and I didn’t have to look.  I didn’t have to look because they are there, they are there every day.  Every day I think about them and my heart wells up inside of me.   In my heart of hearts I know that good will come from these three hard things but on some days that doesn’t make it any easier.   It is on those days that I am an impatient woman and then I begin to wonder, “Is this why I have those three hard things?”  Are they given to me to produce patience?  In part, I think they are because as I wait, as I look for the good in the hard, I pray, I pray and I pray.  This is good.  This results in fruit.


81.  Behind the front door – a visit from my daughter.

82.  Behind the refrigerator door – buttermilk and an opportunity to make cornbread and black-eyed peas for someone who really loves it.

83.  Behind the front door looking in – a newly polished front door with no doggy nose prints.

4 Comments on “Joy Dare: Week Six

  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! I must learn how to use a camera in a more artistic way.

    BTW, I haven’t heard the word used as “mum” in a long time. A Canadian living in America, that version of the word isn’t used. Hmmm, maybe that could be a gift! Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. Lovely list, Rebecca, and what a spectacular view you have! I was a little apprehensive about the Sunday list as well, but it’s the place where growth is restructuring my life (and keeping me knitting-it’s so therapeutic!) Oh, and I love your red flowers. Looking forward to reading your list next week!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love your stitch markers & you did well making them. I love making my own stitch markers too.

  4. I do believe that the tough times in our lives produce patience and thankfulness. I hope that God continues to work through those rough times for you to see what He has at the end. I also bet that there are puppy nose prints on that front door now though.

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