In knitting, an eyelet is a hole formed by a yarn over, usually paired with a decrease to maintain the stitch count.  Most eyelet patterns are constructed using yarn overs on a stockinette background.  In my Pussy Willow Socks the eyelets are arranged on the diagonal making the little pussy willow branches.

Once again, we are on our way down to Texas to visit family and check on my father-in-law.  I’ll have plenty of time in the car to finish my Pussy Willow socks.  I’m told that there are things blooming in Texas.  I’m looking forward to that!

3 Comments on “Eyelets

  1. We finally got winter here in Alberta, but by the end of the week it is predicted to be + temperatures again. but winter won’t seem long. I love knitting anytime, but more than ever when it’s wintry outside. Safe journey, and I’ll look forward to finished pussywillows.

  2. Love that row of eyelets. Can’t wait to cast on this pattern but have to finish one of my wips (2nd sock) first. Have a safe trip.

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