Joy Dare: Week 8

I smiled when my father-in-law looked at my uploaded photographs and asked me,  “Where did you find those flowers.”  He was surprised to hear that I had found them in his yard. Surprised, because earlier that morning he had told me nothing was blooming in his yard. But I smiled  knowing I would be able to uncover some things when I went on my daily search for joy. I smiled. My soul hungers for these gifts that surround each of us.

20120227-181217.jpgTo enjoy Thee is life eternal, and to enjoy is to know.

I marvel that the finite can know the Infinite,

here a little, afterwards in full-orbed truth;

I see.  I see God’s faithfulness in all these gifts for the seasons will come faithfully each year.  Just as each season brings its own kind of beauty so each season of our life does the same.  There was a record breaking drought in Texas last year unlike any other yet there is hope of beauty in February.  I begin to understand and see the parallel in my own life.  I see fruit coming from hard circumstances.

Now I know but a small portion of what I shall know,

here in part, there in perfection,

here a glimpse, there a glory.

Thou hast given me understanding to compass the earth,

measure the sun, moon, stars, universe, but above all to know thee, the only true God.

Keep me in the freedom of experiencing thy salvation continually.

How is it possible that my father-in-law missed all these gifts in his yard?  Is it is age and the dullness of vision that comes with age?I don’t think so because I am guilty of the same, this numbness to the gifts surrounding me.  Perhaps using a camera and a Joy Dare calendar helps narrow the focus but I won’t always be carrying a camera.  I need to brian my eyes to see without the aid of a macro lens.

To love thee is life eternal, and to enjoy is to know.

Keep me in the freedom of experiencing thy salvation continually.

102. Thankful that the fields are still white for harvest.
103. Thankful that, though our sins are as scarlet they will be as white as snow.
104. Thankful for beautiful white aspen trees against a brilliant blue sky.
105. A gift before breakfast – sleeping late in a dark room.
106. A gift at lunchtime – leftovers, hearty chicken stew.
107. A gift at dinner – sharing my heart with a husband who understands.
108. A gift that changed my day – walking through The Valley of Vision in prayer.
109. Another gift that changed my day – a reprieve in the 60 mph winds just along enough to take a restless Westie for a walk.
110. A third gift that changed my day – hubby volunteering to take the car in for servicing which allowed a free afternoon at home to pack for and trip.
111. A gift of wood – knitting needles hand-knit in Russia bringing back happy memories of a vacation in the Puget Sound.
112. A gift of crystal – jam jar bringing happy memories of tea times with friends when it was filled with strawberry jam.
113 – 115. Three gifts before 11:30 a.m. – a packed and ready to go car, an allergy shot and new titanium reading glasses sitting lightly on the bridge of my nose.


116. Thankful to arrive at father-in-law’s house before dark.
117. Thankful for sweet clover before St. Patrick’s Day.
118. Thankful for beautiful tiny blue flowers just before spring.
119. Thankful for a big fenced yard that a little Westie can run in to her heart’s content!

And again this week , thankful for this journey to find joy in the gifts surrounding me every day……………..

4 Comments on “Joy Dare: Week 8

  1. Rebecca,
    Searching hearts and hungry souls will be fed, and in turn will feed others with the beauty they find, and the beauty revealed through their search. I love to come to your blog for a bite of beauty. Thanks!

  2. Those photos are lovely, esp on this windy blue gray winter day. I am also praying through the Valley of Vision and my days, too, are changing.

  3. hi Rebecca,

    i popped over from your comment on my blog–i left you a reply–thank you so much for visiting!

    oh your pictures were gorgeous! i just love Father-in-law saying there was nothing blooming in his yard, and you knowing, because the search for gratitude and gifts has taught you to really *see*. i love , love your pictures–oh, they were invigorating! i love how you were wild after the gifts, after God’s creation, after joy in Him. your list was wonderful to read. i am thankful for some of the same things, and yes, for fruit that comes from hard circumstances also–eucharisteo.

    i read your post of the socks, too–just lovely! i wish i could knit like that! congrats to you!!!

    blessings, sister!

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