Joy Dare: Week Ten

A physical rebound happened in my body this week when I forgot to take some prescribed medication. Alarming symptoms resulted in my body.  It scared me.  It disrupted my week.  All..because..I..simply..forgot..


These words of Christ the night before He was betrayed have lingered in my mind for two days now and I can’t let them go.

But why did He say this?  Did He actually think I would forget Him?  

There could be no need for this loving exhortation if there were not a fearful supposition underneath that He knew my memory might prove treacherous.  Did it not prove treacherous this last week with dire consequences?


At first it seemed too preposterous that I, who have been redeemed by the blood of a dying Lamb should ever forget my Ransomer.

But why did He say this?

Me?  Forget Him who never forgot me?

Me?  Forget Him who poured His blood forth for my sin?

Me?  Forget Him who loved me even to the death?

Can it be possible?

Yes.  Yes, it is not only possible but sadly, my conscience testifies that it is what I do daily.  The incessant circle of life in this world pulls me just as the power of the moon pulls the tides.  My roving affections stray.  Busy.  Always busy.  Always distracted by the world around me, the cares of the day.

Why did He say it?

This do in remembrance of me.

Because I am forgetful of Christ.

There are many things around me that attract my attention and pull me just as the moon pulls the tides of the sea.  This is one reason I am participating in the Joy Dare, Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012.  Because those things around me, those gifts my eyes long to see each day, they are there.  They are there and they make me remember, they help me not-to-FORGET.

Let not the pearl of great price

be dropped from your careless hand into

the dark ocean of oblivion.


                                     January 7, 1855

142. Acceptance of a trying situation through a woman who consistently speaks TRUTH to me.

143. A box waiting in my mailbox generously filled with beads from an old friend.

144. My comfortable bed after many weary hours of driving.

145. A gift bent – my lackadaisical attitude toward taking pills changed after a scary incident because I forgot to take them, again.

146. A gift broken – a sister for eternity, having her on my mind and in my heart all day.

147. A gift beautiful – seeing how God uses brokenness from our past to encourage the lives of others all the while producing thankfulness in our hearts for that past pain, a beautiful circle of bringing glory to Him.

148. Listening to music as I clean in the kitchen.

149. Hot, soapy water with bubbles spilling over in the kitchen sink.

150. Red, ripe grape tomatoes to snack on on the kitchen counter.

151. Baby pictures and messages from my daughter coming through my phone filling my heart with joy.

152. A photograph of my son-in-law reading his newborn her first Bible story.

153. The joy that comes from praying daily for a granddaughter.


154. Something carved – a family over a lifetime, yes – our hearts will be filled with joy.

Doll's Court (3)

155. Something carved – the Doll’s Room in the Alcazar Palace andthe memory of a day in Seville, thankful for 28 years with my husband and the time we have had exploring.


156. Something carved – a wood wall hanging of an Ichthys ordered from Dayspring, the joy that comes from decorations that serve as a reminder of my faith.


Three Remembrances of Christ===

157. Redeemed by the blood of a dying Lamb, the Ransomer of my soul.

158. Loved with an everlasting love by the eternal Son of God.

159. In agony and sweat He knelt down in Gethsemane, those drops of blood, can love go deeper than that?

6 Comments on “Joy Dare: Week Ten

  1. Rebecca, thank you for your kind words over at my blog, Sweet Blessings. In this great world of technology, I have to admit that nothing feels better than an actual book in hand. Our family has a great love of reading. 🙂

    Your list is beautiful. #152 brought a tear to my eye. So precious.

  2. Such beauty here…thank you for sharing your list! What a beautiful reminder to have framed in #154!

  3. I loved #142… because i have a friend like that, too – and i’m so thankful for her and the hard truths she will risk sharing simply because she loves me. God grows me every time i have the opportunity to spend time with her.

    thanks for visiting yesterday.


  4. #147 reminds me of something my pastor said, a long time ago but I still remember it: “God will use brokenness to bring us to where He wants us to be.” That’s encouraging even though it’s hard when you are in the midst of it! And it does make it better, to be able to offer some understanding and comfort to others who have gone through the same things.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂 ~Frances

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