Stumbling Along

There is  an app on my iPhone and iPad called StumbleUpon.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have ‘stumbled upon’ this app, too.  By setting up your favorite categories the app stumbles you along through sites in these areas.  As you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the site, the app gets more aware of your preferences and the sites get more and more interesting.  Full disclosure:  it can be addicting.

Since I was feeling rather puny today I spent more time than usual stumbling….and stumbling.



Think you have it organized?  Go a step further with these 8 Smart Tips on Organizing Your Kitchen.  Or, learn how to clean your bathroom until it sparkles with these Bathroom Cleaning Tips.


I have had fabric to cover my bar stools for a couple years now.  Chop! Chop!  No more excuses because on a Home Improvement stumble I found an article just for me called How to Re-Cover Chairs 


Doesn’t this seem like a colorful and fun idea for DMC floss organization?  I think I may have some clothespins around here somewhere and more than a thousand bitty skeins of floss.  I have a sampler I’m working on.  Maybe I will have them stand upright and march across the end table….hmmm….sounds like a great photo opportunity.

I just bought an iPhone and it  sits on the kitchen counter when it is being charged.  However, after seeing this DIY holder to charge cell phones in the CRAFT section of Stumbler I think I will go hunt for some lotion bottles.   This is a clever idea!  I think I will make one, or maybe two.


Our passports expired last month so we won’t be traveling outside of the country until we renew them but I can still stumble to –



These scenes that I stumbled upon in the NATURE section make me worship and praise the Creator.

I’m a little partial to mountains.

And I’m a little partial to the ocean.

and even more partial to the remarkable creatures from the depths of the ocean.

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Stumbles.’

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