Finish Line in Sight

The days are getting warmer here in the mountains and I am able to spend more time outdoors in my favorite spot. The sun shines brightly on my deck until early afternoon but when I sit in my little corner it is quite pleasant, even with the sun beating down. I love this little corner of heaven. It is quite peaceful with no sounds audible other than gentle breezes blowing through the evergreens and birds chirping.


My Rosemarkie blends in quite nicely, don’t you think? This photo was taken earlier this week and I’m much closer to the finish line now. I grafted the shoulders together this afternoon. The front steek has been cut and the neck steek has been cut. Some knitters get nervous about cutting their knitting but not this girl. Perhaps it is because I use the p-e-r-f-e-c-t tool to cut them.

My daughter left her nursing scissors at my house and I claimed them as my own. Designed for cutting through bandages while protecting the patient’s skin, I saw another purpose.


Sharp enough to slice through thick bandages, they have no problem cutting through wool that has been steeked. Furthermore, the protected tip gives me a degree of assurance that I won’t accidentally snip somewhere that would end in a disaster.

Rosemarkie steeks are cut and tomorrow I will pick up stitches along the front/neck for the band. I’m hoping to have this finished in the next week so I can be done, done, done.


2 Comments on “Finish Line in Sight

  1. ohhh I’m loving your outdoor space!
    You’re on the home stretch now, can’t wait to see it as an FO.

  2. Primo little Spot to knit ! Hey, I have a pair of those medical scizzors too, which a friend gave to me, just for knitting, nothing else. I can’t wait to see Rosemarkie all ready to go !!!! (you’re miles ahead of me, I think I cast on my Lichen vest from FolkVests about the same time you did Rosemarkie, and I’m only in th first 6 inches. I have to get it out and going again so I can wear it in fall.

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