A Piece of Colorado Sky at Dawn

Last week in my knitting group as I was bemoaning the fact that my grandiose plans for my Colorado Sky Scarf never launched last January. You know, it was one of my 2012 knitting resolutions that I promptly forgot about until reading Cheryl’s update on her Utah Sky Scarf. Quite fascinated, my two knitting pals asked for more details about this plan to knit the Colorado sky into a scarf.

After we brainstormed together for a couple hours about a myriad of possibilities we concluded that we definitely wanted to knit a project representing the Colorado Sky. I would knit the sky at sunrise/dawn and my two other knitting buddies would knit the noonday sky and the sky at dusk/sunset. That decided upon we parted company with our minds whirling with possibilities. I left already knowing that I would start by setting my alarm and rising before dawn to take some photographs.

The saturated colors of the sky before sunrise were breathtaking and absolutely glorious! The crisp morning air woke me up and as I clicked a way and I found myself wondering why I had been sleeping through so many of these sunrises. I am very excited about this project. By the end of the week I knew that the only fair representation of the colors would be in some sort of fair isle design.

My fair isle resources are plentiful and no doubt there are hundreds of fair isle designs on Ravelry but after spending the better part of a day researching possibilities I discovered none of them are exactly what I would make if left to my own devices. It will be exciting to turn my imagination into reality and also satisfying to wear a unique design reminding me of a year spent watching the sun rise in Colorado!

20120504-112231.jpgTo see what colors I would be working with I ran my photos through an online color generator. It was pretty easy, upload a photo and the colors are generated into a palette representing that photograph. COLOURlovers is a fun website and if you love to play with color as I do  then this is the spot for you.  Color fans from all around the world converge to share palette and pattern ideas. When I typed in the keyword ‘sunrise’, billions of palettes appeared. Well, maybe not billions but you get my drift. Endless color inspiration!


Mary Jane Mucklestone recently published 200 Fair Isle Motifs and Santa brought me a copy. I’ve been itching to play with the motifs in this wonderful directory so this will be the perfect opportunity. She suggests using copying your favorite motifs, cutting them apart and playing with the strips to find a combination that appeals to you. When that happens I will show you my choices and let you help me narrow it down.


Graph paper is usually a fair isle designers best friend, that along with a vast array of colored pencils but I like to use a software called Intwined Studio, it’s much faster. I played around with one of the motifs in the book using the colors from the generator and this is what I came up with. I think I will be playing around with this for a couple weeks before deciding on the May sunrise representation.

2 Comments on “A Piece of Colorado Sky at Dawn

  1. Great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes along. I’d love to see photos of the other projects, too.

  2. Thanks for the intro to Colourlovers. I’m going to have some fun exploring it today. Love the idea of your scarf and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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