A Piece of Clover

A problem occurs when you get up early to capture the sunrise just so you can knit those colors into a fair isle scarf.

You see, the whole idea behind ‘conceptual knitting’ is seeing something beautiful and then designing a project to help you remember it forever.  It doesn’t have to be knitting, it can be any crafty project.

A pretty cool idea.  However, the problem occurs when you begin to see things that inspire you and you want to capture those colors then and there and do something with them.  That happened this morning when I walked down to my father-in-law’s mailbox and saw the beautiful clover in the morning sun.  Fortunately, I could run back to the house and get my camera to record the beauty.

My mind is awhirl with ideas on how these colors can be represented. Perhaps I should do a search on Ravelry using the keyword ‘clover’ and see if any patterns materialize.  Perhaps I should pull out a stitch dictionary and look for a stitch pattern resembling the clover.  Perhaps I should pull out some pastels and sketch. Or, perhaps I should ask those stopping by and reading this post if they have an idea…or two or three.

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