Colorado Sunrise Stocking Hat ~ May

Having originally thought I would knit a Fair Isle Scarf for the Conceptual Knitters Sky project, I made a little detour and landed on a Fair Isle Sampler Hat instead. A hat seems to be the perfect palette to experiment with color combinations and Fair Isle patterns. And speaking of ‘palette’, I ordered a big box of Knit Picks Palette using my first two sunrise photographs to help me pick colors.

Mary Jane Mucklestone designed a Fair Isle Sampler Hat in 2004 and it was featured in in one of my first bought Interweave Knits magazines. I am going to use her pattern instructions and her numbers to knit the hat but all the fair isle motifs will be replaced with ones from her recent book, 200 Fair Isle Motifs.  The hat is 22-inches long.

This week I explored color combinations using my “limited” palette of fourteen colors. The corrugated ribbing was knit using the colors of my first sunrise. The first motif represents the second photograph. I can already see the difficulty in replicating a sunrise but the colors are fun and I guess the whole idea behind “conceptual knitting” is just using the colors in some creative way. I had fun and that is what counts most, right?


I picked Motif 200 to represent my May sunrise. It has 19 rows and 24 stitches but I added an additional neutral row to set it off from the next sunrise which will be knit next month.

So…… is my May sunrise……..


My inspiration …..

5 Comments on “Colorado Sunrise Stocking Hat ~ May

  1. This is a wonderful idea….and it is looking lovely so far…….

    I knit the original sampler hat – it was great fun……

  2. Gorgeous! Perfect sunrise colors. You make me want to try my hand at fair isle!

  3. Beautiful I love your colour choices so far. This is going to be one gorgeous hat when you’re done.

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