JoY Dare ~ Week 20

Joy is a function of gratitude and gratitude is a function of perspective. Counting gifts has changed my perspective on how I even look at each and every day. I continue my journey to count One Thousand Gifts in 2012……..

20120521-084001.jpg352. A gift in a box – chocolate cake mix, because he has wanted one for so long and how can I say ‘no’ when he stands before me with the box in his hand like a little boy?

353. A gift in a bag – Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in a manly color called ‘Jungle Cloud’ and an invitation to camp.

354. Mary Jane Mucklestone’s book, 200 Knitting Motifs, a gift within the pages to knit the sunrise.


355. An unexpected dinner date with my husband on a Friday night.
356. Unexpected, many women showing up to help set up for a church event.
357. Knitting the sunrise into a stocking hat and the unexpected interest from hundreds of knitters around the world.

358. A treehouse built by Dad.
359. Walking on hot cement to the neighborhood swimming pool.
340. Popsicle trucks.
341. Playing in the woods.
342. Necklaces made with clover.
343. Catching bees in jars with my brother.
344. Rollerskating around the block again and again and again and stopping only to tighten my skate with the key around my neck.
345. Playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids until our mothers called us in for the night.
346. The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belton.
347. Warm gingerbread.
348. Fireflies.
349. Six Flags -The Runaway Mine Train, Pink Things and ice cold watermelon.
350. Drive-in theaters.

20120521-085737.jpg351. Pearls gleaned from a guest speaker at church.
352. A new way learned to dissect truth.
353. Seeing that her struggle is the same as someone close to me and consequently gaining new insight into that relationship.

354. His promise remembered in a beautiful rainbow right off my deck pointing to blue sky.


355. My husband and his love of Mountain Burgers.


356. Laughing with my husband and daughter as we watch our dogs playing together at a dog park.
357. A daddy/daughter movie and frozen custard date.
358. Staying up late with daughter when she spends the night and laughing as her golden retriever controls my Westie with his four paws as she climbs all over him.

Joining with many others today as we count a multitude of blessings on a Monday.

3 Comments on “JoY Dare ~ Week 20

  1. I want to learn to knit! And oh so many other things that probably have to wait for a different season.

    Love your list, and inspired by thinking back to things to be thankful for in my own childhood.

  2. Nice to meet you! I found you via Ann’s site. What a revolutionary disciple to count the gifts, isn’t it? I have been so changed by her perspective. I see it in you here too and even in your writing.

    Grinning with your gifts, enjoying the sunset in your knitting, and happy to meet you,
    Jennifer Dougan

  3. I am thankful for the Fibonacci sequence in the daisy. God is truly amazing.

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