One of the things I greatly appreciate about my little knitting group is that we like to pick projects and knit them together. Aside from the pure motivational factor, we share our collective knitting knowledge and talk through the patterns. Last month we picked the Haruni Shawl as our project for May.

There are just three of us in our group and we don’t knit by the sea as these three ladies do in this painting by Jozef Israels. We meet in a coffee shop with a nice view of Pikes Peak but we are oblivious to the Peak out the window because we are absorbed in knitting and great conversation.   We decided we would knit the pattern larger than the pattern indicated and we brainstormed appropriate yarn choices. I ended up ordering some lovely Madelinetosh Merino Light in a color called Sequoia to remind me of my childhood day trips to see the lovely Redwoods in California.

When the first of May rolled around we cast on together and within an hour my Haruni was not looking at all like theirs. We put our heads together and it wasn’t long when one of my pals figured out that I was knitting all the way across the wrong side rows — another bonus whilst knitting with friends! Saved before I had ventured too far!

The color of this yarn captures the color of those redwood trees and the yarn has a lovely sheen.

The additional repeats have made my Haruni a perfect size for wrapping myself in as I sit in my favorite chair reading, watching television and knitting as I do either of these.

This pattern offers two bind-off options. One option is an I-cord bind off which used more yarn and seemed rather tedious. The other option was a crocheted bind off and although I have never tried this method, it was the one I chose. I really like how delicate it looks but will tell you right up from that they are a bit of a pain to pin out during blocking.

I enjoyed knitting this shawl and would highly recommend the pattern.  You can’t beat the price, it’s free!

3 Comments on “Haruni

  1. Again, more words I didn’t understand – but a smile on my face. And your gathering of three – it kind of reminds me of the way men bond while fishing – it’s not so much the fish as it is the bonding. Although I never finish – I kind of get it – but then, I don’t knit either. The shawl is beautiful – and it really is delicate – and in a way, the not quite there way that a guy like me can get it – I get it. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day. Rebecca.

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