Pantry Makeover ~ Part 2

Everyone has their own technique of sorting and organizing their pantries and you have to find what works best for you. In the past I have started with the easiest and most obvious items but not today. I have several areas that have been causing ‘pantry distress’ lately and thought I would launch a full frontal attack and deal with those first. Whatever it is that causes me to grumble is a pantry headache.

Identifying the little irritations:

(a.) There is no space in the pantry and this item really needs to be in the pantry!

(b.) The said item is difficult to get to because it is out of my reach or I have to jump through hoops to get it.

(c.) The items husband can’t seem to find and I end up having to find for him.

(d.) I want a clean countertop!

The Mum’s First Problem – The dehydrator that has been sitting in the dining room for six months.  

I make granola weekly and don’t want to drag the dehydrator out of storage every week so it ends up staying out in the dining room where I make the granola.  The dehydrator really needs to be in the pantry and it would be nice to have all the granola ingredients along side it.

The Mum’s Solution:  A granola center in.the.pantry:


The Mum’s Second Problem – Hubby’s daily breakfast fiasco.

After he makes his pancakes/waffles in the wee early hours he leaves everything out because he doesn’t like to mess with putting them back on the Lazy Susan cabinet in the kitchen.

The Mum’s Solution: Hubby’s own little breakfast shelf  in.the.pantry:

The Mum’s Third Problem – Spices Have Run Wild in a cabinet that isn’t working for them or for me.

The Mum’s Solution: Isolate the well-behaved spice girls in.the.pantry.

Confine the wild spice girls in jail in.the.pantry on the pantry wall and make them march in order.


The Mum’s Fourth Problem: The Popcorn Popper.

We enjoy our popcorn several nights a week but the popcorn popper is on a high shelf over the stove and is very hard to reach.

The Mum’s Solution: A Popcorn Shelf in.the.pantry.  Quick and easy access!


The Mum’s Fifth Problem: The Husband’s Never Ending Search for salt, pepper and PAM.

The Mum’s Solution: The Don BASKET. 

The next time he asks me where the pepper is I will sit back, relax and tell him to go to the pantry and look up high to the DON WALL BASKET.


The Mum’s Sixth Problem: I Want Clear Kitchen Countertops.

The Mum’s Solution: Put all counter appliances in.the.pantry on the top pantry shelf with all other appliances….. I have a lot of nice appliances that I use frequently…. a lot of them.


That’s it for today, it was a full one tackling these headaches but I feel pretty good about the results. Tomorrow will be an easier day just filling up the pantry with the easy stuff.

3 Comments on “Pantry Makeover ~ Part 2

  1. I’m so impressed!! I too wish I had a walk in pantry like yours!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next! Great job so far!

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