Forest Fires and Camp Loopy

As soon as I finished organizing my pantry a forest fire broke out very close to my home. We were a couple miles from the evacuated homes and a sheriff told our neighbor to get prepared to evacuate. I spent the week going through boxes rounding up family treasures and scanning photographs. On Saturday the fire was 100% contained and we were relieved but only for a few hours. A much larger fire started in Waldo Canyon, just west of Colorado Springs. Many families have been evacuated on the west sideoff the city and partway up the pass. You have probably seen it on the news, VERY scary. It is about fifteen miles away from us but has definitely had an impact on us since our highway is closed. It will be a very l-o-n-g summer here in Colorado!


This is a picture I took of the fire right after it started.  This was the last of blue skies ,we haven’t seen Pikes Peak or blue skies in three days because of the amount of smoke the fire is producing!


I finished my first Camp Loopy project, a pair of socks for the hubster. The challenge was an Olympic challenge, we were to pick a designer outside our country. I picked Stephanie van der Linden because she is one of my favorite designers.


We were to use 400+ yards of yarn which I knew I would have no problems doing since hubby has big feet! I bought Dream in Color Smooshy having used it several times before and being pleased with the results. The color is a nice ‘manly’ color called Cloud Jungle.

The pattern I used is called It’s Tea Time and has been one that I’ve wanted to knit ever since I saw it in Around the World in Knitted Socks. Each sock in the book represents a country and this one is England. There is a lot going on in this sock which made it a fascinating project, I especially like how the gusset is knit with seed stitch.

I also like the simple diamond pattern up the instep and the cable running up the side. Pretty cool!

The continued pattern down the heel flap was a bit of a pain but well worth the time invested in it.

But best of all – my husband has declared it his best fitting sock yet and he thinks the pattern is pretty neat!

5 Comments on “Forest Fires and Camp Loopy

  1. The socks are so beautiful. Glad you’re safe from the fire!

  2. We read about the devastating results of forest fires but never about the day to day effect it has on people’s lives even if it is not imminently dangerous. It has given me food for thought. Thank you – I am counting my blessings.

  3. I completely and totally understand the panic which happens when a fire breaks out, packing suitcases with valuables. I live in a highly hazardous fire area… and dread it from July through October.
    But hey, about those amazing socks ~ You take socks to the Aran Sweater level ! Lovely. Immaculate. Great choices of stitches and yarn color !

  4. we are faithfully praying for all in the fire zone. now I have another face to attach to my prayers!

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