Slowing Down….

The knitting has slowed down on the home front after pushing myself a little too far in Camp Loopy. Coming home from a recent trip to Texas, I knit for twelve straight hours and the muscles across my knitting shoulder were so fatigued that I could barely lift my arm the next day. Knitted stopped completely for a full week and I am gradually adding it back into my routine. I got a massage yesterday which has done wonders and will be visiting her frequently while she tries to elongate my kinked muscles. When will I ever learn to knit in moderation….. so ……. hard …… to ……….do

I worked on the Colorado Sunrise Hat while I was away from my smoke filled Colorado skies. Thankfully, the fires have been contained and we have moved into monsoon weather patterns.
I’m not overly thrilled with the progress on this hat. Maybe it is the fact that the colors in the sunrise are almost the same every day and all my motifs are looking the same. I think I’m going to throw in more blue and choose narrower motifs for the remainder of the hat.

That being said, I am still having fun with this ‘conceptual knitting’ process and will enjoy wearing this hat come winter. No doubt I will remember all my early morning photo shoots. The early mornings are still chilly here in the mountains but one thing is for sure -I don’t need to wear gloves like I did when I shot for the corrugated ribbing!

Have you guys heard of Craftsy? There are three on-line classes that I am itching to take:

Carol Feller’s Celtic Cables

Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Fair Isle Vest and

Drucilla Pettibone’s Spindling Class

I really like the concept behind these classes. You view and work at your own pace but you have the added benefit of interacting with the instructor and others in the class. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I’m especially excited about it because I live a good hour from my closest knitting shop and the teachers on Craftsy are designers that I am familiar with. What a great idea! Now to decide which one to take first………..

And one last thing……guess who discovered a live chipmunk under my stove this morning? My chipmunk watchdog, protector of our deck and I guess now I can proclaim that she also protects the house from the little varmints!


2 Comments on “Slowing Down….

  1. I really enjoyed this post ! I also live too far from society to take classes (my favorite yarn shop being about the same, an hour’s drive) and they’re costly besides. I am going to check out the classes you’re taking, thank you for the suggestion. Now, listen closely : your sunset color stranding is remarkable ! Yes, go ahead and improvise I think, but know it really is stunning, and those colors right on ! Very convincing indeed. And, your little Kenzie is just adorable… awesome shots of her doing her work ! (did she actually get the chipmunk? )

  2. Love the colors of the hat. I am taking the Pattern Writing class on Craftsy & it’s great.

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