Celtic Cables


I signed up for Carol Feller’s Celtic Cables class on Craftsy and am very impressed with the quality of the class.  Ms. Feller is an excellent teacher and I really appreciate the detail in her explanations.   The class project will be a beautiful fitted cable sweater called Portulaca.

20120724-161736.jpgWhen I saw the beautiful green yarn the class sweater was knit with I wondered if it was available in the United States. Sadly for me, it was a true Irish yarn only available in the UK …. and then …. I saw a link above the link to the Class Handouts called ‘Resources’ and when I clicked on it saw the yarn was available through Craftsy to those of us on this side of the world.  What luck!  Craftsy is located in Denver so before I knew it, the yarn was in my hands and I was busy swatching!

And, check out the label on this yarn.  Do you see a line in Gaelic or am I taking the Irish thing a little too far?


Time to finish up this swatch and move on to some cable swatches!

5 Comments on “Celtic Cables

  1. Yes, STUDIO DONEGAL is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ! I have a close friend in N.Ireland who is sending me gobs of the local yarns, and most trips to the Belfast Market, he finds some gem in the yarn stall. I have compared the Soft Donegal line to their other two, and Soft Donegal wins . Nicer even than any of the Cushendale , or any of the Scottish yarns I’ve had the luck to come across . I too am a real lover of All Things Celtic . I’ll be knitting up a thing or two in Soft Donegal, very soon, as well as Donegal Aran Tweed. I can’t wait to see what knits up on your needles !

  2. Breadcrumbs leading me from the Studio Donegal Tweed, to your blog post, and just now to buying the book of Carols “Contemporary Irish Knits”. Watch my space in future, for similar sentiments of Irish Knits !

  3. Gorgeous yarn & you are lucky to be able to purchase it in the US. It will be difficult for me, maybe I should check if Craftsy ships to Australia. I love Carol’s designs & currently doing the Ravi KAL & it’s great.

  4. Hi Rebecca! I too have joined the Crafty class on Celtic Cables! My yarn came in today! Yeah! It’s truely lovely. Can’t wait to get swatchin’!

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