Swatching Away

I have been knitting away on swatches for the first level of the TKGA Master Knitting course.   I know…I agree…I should have long finished this by now but I always seem to get sidetracked by something a little more exciting to knit on.

The swatches I have been working on this week each demonstrate different increase techniques that can be utilized while knitting.  There are questions accompanying the swatches that I still need to research and think through.  By the time I am finished with these I should know which increase method to select for various projects and why.  I still think this is a great course and well worth the effort and time investment it takes.  My goal is to finish the course this summer and get it submitted for evaluation and on by September 1.

And just in case you are wondering what my crazy toes look like……………..

I’ll keep them like this for a week or two just to have some summer fun and then I will have to return to my conservative ways!

2 Comments on “Swatching Away

  1. Love your brainy approach with knitting… I think I’ll affectionately refer to you as the Knittig Professor 😉 . LOVE YOUR TOES… I want some summer fun too !

  2. Nice toes. I paint my toes too during summer as the feet look nicer in sandals. That course is something I want to do but I am just afraid of the commitments.

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